Shores of Tripoli

shores of tripoli


I feel it would be safe to assume that most people do not know that the line in the Marine’s hymn of ‘to the shores of Tripoli’ actually refers to America’s first war with Islam. For many years during the early time of our nation Tripoli and Islam thought that America represented an easy target. Muslim pirates targeted many of the ships that were first flying under the protection of the new nation. The Islamic empire of Tripoli had begun imposing a ‘fee’ upon the new nation and had been gaining alliances with some of the surrounding Muslim countries in their brazen acts against America. Many of the ‘political leaders’ of the day viewed Islam as a religion which could be negotiated and appeased. So they paid the extortion. When Thomas Jefferson became President Tripoli’s president decided to extend the extortion with a massive fee upon America plus annual fees. Up to this time the new military of the new nation was limited to issues not extending beyond the shores. But Jefferson realized this would not suffice. He sent the newly formed navy to Tripoli. As soon as the allying nations saw the timid new nation bear its teeth they backed down leaving Tripoli to fight on its own. After a war of a few years Tripoli realized that America was never going to be an easy target again. Until now this has been the case.

Down through the years the great leaders of America and England have agreed that Islam is a dangerous religion and only interested in domination. People who have been part of Islam have echoed these same feelings regarding the religion. It appears that everyone except for the present administration agrees that Islam is dangerous to global peace. I no long accept the idea that Islam is a religion of peace. I accept that there might be those Muslims who want to be left alone to live in peace, but I no longer accept that Islam is a religion of peace nor that the Koran is a book of peace. Yet, in spite of global events our president and his administration continue to try and force Islam upon the people of America and call any push back as racisms and intolerance. It is time that the people set the record straight.

We have not nor will not be an Islamic nation. The only intolerance is found in Islam trying to force its ways and religion upon the people of this nation. We have our ways of life, our religions, and our beliefs. If Islam does not like America as it is then the question must be raised as to why Islam is here. Obama and his administration are going to passed multiple laws and orders in order to weaken America for their Islamic allies and agendas. The people will not obey. We will not give up our firearms regardless of what ever laws or orders are signed. We refuse to obey his orders and edicts. We do not have a dictator and refuse to follow one. Obama can either come in step with the Constitution or accept that Americans will oppose him at every turn. Our political leaders need to understand that we hired them and will fire them. If they do not start obeying the Constitution we do not need them in office. Basically, you wanted this rebellion and have fertilized it with all your horse pucky and NOW YOU GOT IT!

Our government cannot be trusted to defend the people against the Islamic terrorist. Our government refused to even acknowledge the existence of Islamic terrorists which simply goes as proof that our government leaders have sold out America to the enemy. If the government will not defend us then WE WILL! America has a greater armed populous them many nation’s armies. We will take care of business regarding protecting the people and our homeland. We are seeing the Mafia working together with law abiding citizens in New York in protecting the people and business against ISIS. We are seeing the North and the South unifying against ISIS. Black and white, Hispanic and Asian all understand that radicalism wants everyone dead regardless of your color. Catholic, Jew and Protestant are understanding that Islam will murder them if they do not convert to Islam.

Our government and the agencies which blindly support our political leaders and the Obama administration must decide upon which side of the fence and which side of history they chose to stand. They are either for the safety of the people and the American way of life or they are part of the problem. Our political leaders have one option: Either become part of the solution and stand with America or GET OUT OF THE WAY!


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