ISIS versus Unity

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It has been stated by someone who had been a hostage of ISIS that they do not fear our power nearly as much as they fear our unity.  Perhaps they need to take a closer look at America.  American do not seem to get scared nearly as much as they get angry.  There are those in the States whom, I believe, are nothing more than ISIS plants and sympathizers.  They get small minds in the universities riled up so they start riots and problems while the small group of instigators move on to another location.  This is nothing new.  This was a major tool used by the communist sympathizers and plants during the Vietnam War.  The FBI tracked these people and was able to record them at the various university and colleges prior to major riots.  This was their job.  So Americans see these university riots who are proclaiming how abused they have been more as fleas who like to bite and annoy.  It might be taken more seriously if these ‘abused’ people did not have the latest cell phones, expensive clothes, or in some cases, come from homes worth millions.


But, going back to ISIS, the core of America see the attacks on our friends in France and the innocent people of Russia simply traveling back home and we listen to the threats of attacking America and we get angry.  An angry American is not a good person to have coming at you.  We are used to fighting in any way needed to get the job done and to win.  We do not care about your god because we already have One.  We are united against your laws because we already have our own.  We stand united against anyone and anything trying to destroy our American way of life.  As free Americans we have gotten used to going where we want and doing what we want when we want and not having anyone trying to tell us we cannot do what we want.  To those who think they might attack America and take away our way of life you will find a united front.  The North and the South are no divided.  Races will join together.  If ISIS wants a real bloodbath then try and attack America.


ISIS likes to brag about having over 70 soldiers in America.  America has over 8 million firearms and over 100,000 well trained hunters.  That is just ONE group in America who will be faced by ISIS.  We have 12 year olds who are probably better trained with a firearm than many ISIS fighters because they grew up with one and it was not forced upon them like ISIS does their children.  I know of rednecks who think of Hoppe’s Gun Oil as aftershave.  Americans loves their guns and we know how to use them.  There is one thing that we can promise ISIS and that is IF you are stupid enough to attack Americans on American soil there will be no one in any office, of any power, who will be able to save you.  You will have just declared open season on any and all of your kind.  There will be no government official or political leader who would be able to keep Americans from killing you.  If you fear us united, just try and attack us and just see how united Americans can be.



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