World at war



Whether we like to admit it or not or whether our politicians like to admit it or not, the world is at war.  Russia, France, and supposedly America are all bombing ISIS.  Additionally, regardless of our spineless political leaders, we are at war with radical Islam.  We are not at war with a nation like Germany or Japan.  We are not at war with an ideology such as communism in the 50’s.  We are at war with a perverted religion called Islam.  Islam has throughout the millennia sought to spread their religion worldwide through the sword, violence, slaughter, slavery and murder of innocence lives.  They have been marching through the Middle East creating a river of blood and barbarism which would make the Nazis of the 30’s pale in comparison.  Our leadership does not want to admit that the enemy is radical Islam but it is impossible to have a war without first identifying the enemy.  By refusing to identify the enemy our political leaders are trying to pretend that there is none.

The terms ‘radicals’ and ‘terrorists’ are generic terms with no specific target or categorization.  We presently have radicals holding many college campuses hostage because spoiled brats are upset because they are not getting their way, someone has at some time said something to them that upset them and they are too immature to know how to deal with things (in which case they should not be at a college) or the feel offended because of some immaterial issue that gives them media coverage.  While these are often crazies they are not shooting up the campus.  We have terrorists all around us through the form of PETA who throws paint upon people’s clothing, ELF who burn down expensive houses because they used too much wood (I guess they are not bright enough to figure that they are just going to rebuild and thus use MORE wood), yet these crazies are not shoot up concert halls.  The crazies who attacked France were of a specific brand.  As they yelled praises to their god as they were slaughtering innocent people they were specifically identified as radicals and terrorists of Islam and the Islamic religion.

People try to say that we cannot use the term Islamic radicals because it will insult all of the followers of Islam.  Personally I do not care if I offend them.  If they are different then they need to come out and be heard.  The radicals of Islam murder in the name of their god; rape and take slaves in the name of their god; believe that every time they kill an innocent person whose only crime is that they do not want to be forced into any religion that they are closer to their god; if this is the same god of the ‘moderate’ Muslims then there is no difference.  Why would anyone want to be part of a religion that can be so consistently perverted into a religion of blood?  I heard the masses already screaming the Crusades.  Please keep your arguments in this century.  Islam is taking slaves today.  Islam is burning people alive today.  Islam is slaughtering innocent people today.  Christianity is not.  Buddhism is not.  Shintoism is not.  Judaism is not.  Islam is currently as we are writing this killing innocent women and children simply because they are not Muslims.

I have much respect for people like the King of Jordan who is showing that he does not believe as the radicals.  I can have great respect for a person such as that regardless of any religious label.  But it is the people who sit quietly back either through apathy or fear who simply go to prove my point and who deserve to all be painted with the same brush.  This is why it is prudent for the governors to refuse to accept the refugees until they have at least some degree of vetting.  Some of the dead Islamic terrorists from France were ‘refugees’ while others were nationals who had been radicalized.  What is happening presently has all appearance of our government laying America wide open for the same type of attacks as has happened in France for the sake of votes.

Like it or not, this is our present day America.  The only difference for America and France is the right to carry a weapon.  Interpol acknowledges that the greatest deterrent for terrorism is personal carry.  Even the crazies of the pervert religion of radical Islam know that they will have more opposition in America.  This is a big reason why the soft targets such as the ‘gun free zones’ need to be ignored.  Keep in mind that it is called a ‘concealed weapon’ for a reason.  Anyone who is legally capable of getting a concealed carry permit should do so.  If people live in an area where open carry is common, do so if comfortable otherwise carry concealed.  It is time to bring back the fear that Japan had in knowing that behind every blade of grass would be a citizen with a rifle.  Radical Islam needs to know that the people of America are not the milk toast of our political leadership.  We will fight.  We will kill you if you try to harm us or our families.  We will show no mercy.  We will not worry about politics while we are firing back at you.  We do not ever really care if our political leaders like us doing so or not because we care more about our liberties, freedoms and our way of life.  Like some told me a long time ago when I was kicking at the nest egg of a corrupt police chief in a little Podunk town here in Washington State:  If you have, carry.


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