Porky’s:  DoE edition


Most redblooded young men from my generation can remember the iconic movie Porky’s.  The shower scene where the young boys had found a peephole in the girl’s shower room will forever remain a classic.  Now evidently according to the Department of Education to a school in the Chicago area that is now more than just a movie and a peephole.  It appears as if this one school must permit young boys who identify themselves as girls into the girl’s locker room and shower.  I remember a number of boys in high school and junior high that would gladly dress up as a girl if it gave them direct permission into the girl’s shower room.  I guess is you are not able to figure out which sex you are it is possible now for you to just pick one.

Maybe in our internet generation and all the complicated aspects of our society that people have become confused.  Therefore allow me to simplify matters.  If you have a ‘whinky’ and sit down when you pee then the answer to the question of your sex is:  boy.  If you do not have a ‘whinky’, have an innie instead of an outie down there and sit down to pee then the answer to your sex is:  girl.  On your driver’s license where it ask ‘sex’ the ‘M’ does not stand for ‘maybe’, ‘much’ or ‘mucho’.  On your license ‘M’ stands for ‘Male’.  On your license ‘F’ does not want for ‘frequent’, ‘frigid’ or ‘forget it’.  The ‘F’ stands for ‘Female’.  This is not difficult.

This so called sexual revolution that seems to be making the political waves is nothing more than a ridiculous excuse for people to do things now in public that before would have been grounds for arrest.  Parades where grown men are able to prance around in little more than a thong in public is not a public expression of sexuality but rather nothing more than an excuse for sickos to expose themselves to innocent children.  With the threat of losing federal funding the Department of Education thinks they are now able to order a school to allow boys into the girl’s shower room simply because the boy dresses like a girl and might have given himself a cute little girly name.  If he has a penis he has no business in the girl’s shower especially if girls are present.  The federal government is out of control.  They now think that they have the right or power to order schools to do things regardless of the safety and well-being of the young girls who are present.  If this school gives in to the government’s demands every parent of every child in that school would be within their rights to withdrawal their child from that school.  Allow the school to keep their federal funding just do not let them have any children.

The discussion regarding homosexuality is one worth having between questioning minds.  If someone chooses to live the homosexual lifestyle, that is their choice in a free society.  But when people are permitted to invade the lives of the majority because of a choice then a line must be drawn.  Never were the freedoms of others to be set aside because of the freedoms of a few.  There are no laws saying that if that boy wants to think he is a girl that he is forbidden from doing so.  But as a man with a daughter I would have a serious one directional discussion with the school officials if they even thought of allowing a boy regardless of his ‘preference’ to be in the same shower as my daughter.  If a baker does not want to support the gay lifestyle then they should not be forced to do so.  If a minister does not want to support it he or she should not be required to do so.  But in our present government arena the truth is not about gay or straight, homosexual or heterosexual; it is an attack against Christian principles and the Christian lifestyle.  For those who think my tin foil hat is too tight or that I am a raving Conservative, those who know me would be able to tell you just how far from either of those ideas that I am.  But I would pose the question how many people really think that there would be one issue if a Muslim refused to support a gay wedding.  How many people think that there would be even talk of a law suit if a Muslim refused to permit their Mosque to be used for a conference of pork farmers?  This administration has a primary goal to drive America away from being a Christian nation and towards being an Islamic one.

Gays, liberals and others who are cheering the shift in society and the mocking of Christian beliefs and basis need to education themselves regarding Islam.  Right now America is in transition.  The gays, liberals and those antagonistic towards Christian principles will be finding themselves in a very bad position should Islam be allowed to take root.  Islam supports and promotes the killing of all homosexuals and the slaughter of anyone not embracing Islam.  While these people might presently feel that Christianity is not being friendly to those who hold other beliefs will soon find that Islam is the nightmare of intolerance.  Christian principles might ask a homosexual not to be so open in front of the children regarding their life style.  Islam will kill you and not even bother asking.


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