The Dream Team

dream team

I am not a major political expert nor am I an economist, but I believe I do have some common sense.  As an average person I see numerous ways that Obama and his administration as tanked this nation.  Race relations have been set back decades, there is a war on police that is unprecedented, our position globally has sunk to where we appear to be totally floundering, our military has been hamstrung in their efforts against global terrorism, what once was a great health care system has become a logistical nightmare and the economy is in the toilet.  I also believe that many of these issues can be linked under a couple of headings.

A nation that has a strong economy is a powerful nation.  If we are strong within ourselves we become strong globally.  A nation that is strong globally is powerful globally.  In many ways a nation’s power is not seen any more in just the military and how many times it can blow up the world but how it is able to control facets of global economy.  Money talks and globally it screams hysterically.  Another major facet is healthcare.  In many ways the present debacle of health care is nothing regarding health nor care but power and control.  Obama has been, in so many ways, all about power, control and unions.  He and many of his cronies have corrupted the original idea of unions helping the average worker and has taken them as power centers funding and supporting his agenda.  This has bit the unions in the backside after support Obamacare and then finding that the Pandora’s Box has more snakes in it than promises.  America had the health care that people from other countries would travel to in order to get procedures done under.  With the passing of Obamacare many good medical providers have dropped from the medical field simply because it was no longer cost efficient to remain.  There is now a minefield of bureaucracy standing between the patient and the doctor who knows the patient’s needs better than a government agency.  The bureaucracy also comes with the cost of billions of dollars.  The other matters will be addressed as America is able to get an Attorney General who follows the law and not a political agenda.

Perhaps America might be looking at a dream team.  I see two people running for the office of President who have expertise in these two areas.  Trump is, hands down, an economic master.  He has proven himself capable of making and keeping billions personally.  He is not invested to anyone from this campaign in that he is using mainly his own money.  A president should not come with payback obligations.  He is a tried negotiator and knows international business.  He knows the power of the economy on an international basis.  He knows that he who is able to cast the sword of economy rules the world.  The other part of this ‘dream team’ is Carson.  This is a man who knows health care inside and out.  He is more versed in this issue than anyone.  This is a man who knows what it is like to come from absolutely nothing into a position of power, money and influence.  This is a man who the radicals who want to wave the ‘I’m a poor black man therefore I can demand my rights and riot’ would not have a leg to stand on.  Carson is a man whom, I believe, would be able to take the nightmare this administration has created and reform it into something that works.

I like that both of these men are not politicians.  They are not part of the old mentality.  I believe that America has gotten to the point that they basically equate politicians with liars and cheats.  This is too bad because I also believe that there are a few politicians who are still good and who are in that arena because they actually care about America.  Maybe we are looking at a dream team that would actually be able to make America great again.


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