Myth of gun loopholes

gun control

I have been purchasing firearms for many years.  I have also sold many firearms over the years so I am familiar with present changes in the laws as well as the realities of firearm purchasing.  I am a federally licensed firearms dealer and have sat down with ATF to discuss the laws regarding gun purchasing.  I do not know where the government comes off on saying there are gun loopholes.  They do not exist.  Too many times there is the pushback by the anti-gun community that if you are speaking out against additional gun laws then you promote gun violence.  The family members of those who are going to bury their children in Roseburg Or are speaking out against gun control laws.  My family has experienced gun violence when my Aunt was murdered by her second husband in a murder/suicide crime.  I would venture a more accurate statement that if you are for more gun control then you are not and probably have never been a gun enthusiast, hunter, in to self-protection, or have even seriously studied the American Forefathers and the Constitution.

I have heard the opposition scream about how a person can go on to and purchase a firearm.  Yes, this is true, but you have to have that gun shipped to a FFL holder who must by law do a background check on the buyer before granting them their firearm.  In Washington State it has even gotten to the place where two friends or family members cannot give a gun without first going through a FFL holder and have a background check done on the person who is to be the new owner.  This also technically means that I could not give a gun to my son without first going through a background check.

Now before the anti-gun people start singing the praises of these laws there is a major problem.  We are law abiding people.  Therefore we would obey the law.  But people who are not interested in obeying the law, those who probably needing to keep gun out of their hands, are not going to obey the law and will not get their guns through a local FFL dealer.  What does this mean?  It means that all these additional gun laws are nothing but foolish additions to the already reams of gun laws that are on the books and not being enforced.  Additional background checks, waiting periods, fingerprints, etc. will not stop the bulk of the criminal element from not getting a firearm.  It might find the periodic person who at some time in their lives did something stupid and now has a record.  But these laws will not ever stop the criminal from getting a gun.  I do not know how many times it needs to be said but the anti-gun group does not care about common sense.  They have one agenda and that is to disarm the common person.  This idea has worked so wonderfully for Great Britain and Australia.  Crime rate in these countries have skyrocketed since the common person has been disarmed.

It is totally unimaginable how stupid people must be to believe that gun laws will stop the criminal from getting a gun.  It is right up there with the idea that gun free zones will stop people from entering to shoot up innocent bystanders.  It is equal in stupidity as to think that if cars were more heavily regulated that DUI deaths would stop.  It is equal to thinking that making guns illegal to criminals would keep them off the streets (that idea has worked so well with heroin and cocaine).  The real crime regarding all these gun laws are the imposition it forces upon the officers who are trying to enforce the laws.  Politicians who have no concept of what they are voting upon vote to pass bills which are supposed to give them more of a voter, and therefore power, base.  Most of these politicians never even read the bills.  If I had an employee who constantly keep signing contracts for my business without reading the contract they would be fired.

There are not too many more laws that can be forced upon a legal gun owning community.  As politicians continue to try to dream up new gun control laws there will be change.  That change will probably come in the form of the people seeing how the politicians do not care for the Constitution and therefore are not going to care about the politicians.  The politicians might pass all the laws they want but they will be ignored.  All that the anti-gun politicians will accomplish would be finally making the law abiding gun owning citizen a criminal.  As the politician ignores the people so will the people ignore the politician.


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