Carson was right


Ben Carson is taking heat from the media for a statement he made regarding the mass shootings.  His statement included that he would not want to just wait to be murdered but would encourage mass action against the attacker.  I remember someone else who did this and was proclaimed a hero but since Carson is not politically correct and outspoken he is attacked.  The other person who held the same mentality was the individual was Tom Burnett on United flight 93.  Our society has indoctrinated too many people into a passive non-resistance mentality.  But the best way for a society to be dominated by a tyrant is when the society does not resist.

People are being taught that if someone attacks or assaults you that the best defense is not to resist.  Stores are taught to simply comply even to the point that if the clerk resists in any fashion he or she is fired after the hold up.  Schools are no longer places where people are taught to think but HOW to think.  The goal is not to stimulate mental growth but how to regurgitate that which has been spewed by the instructor.  Our society has been indoctrinating our children for the past generations on how to be taken over by a government with no concern for the people but who simply has ideals of power and control.

I do not see this in our Forefathers.  At times I think if our Forefathers would see what America has become that they would have voted to let England simply keep us.  We had a revolution to be free.  Now we have given up our freedom to simply accept.  We accept what is taught.  We accept what is given.  We accept what the government will throw our direction.  We accept what our so called leaders say without demanding any proof.  We accept that our elected leaders lie to us on a daily basis.  We accept that Americans have become sheep and not the sheep dog.  We accept when others tell us to line up so that we can be shot one by one.

I have the highest regard for those who lost their lives in Oregon.  I feel for those families.  It took extreme courage to tell an insane murderer that you were a Christian and proud to be one knowing that you were going to die for your faith.  My argument is with the society that has taken away the fighting spirit that once was the hallmark of Americans.  Schools are taking away ‘contact sports’ because it teaches aggression.  Children are being kicked out of school for teaching a pop tart half way making it possibly look like a gun.  I am surprised they do not kick kids out for drawing Texas, Idaho and Florida.  The bottom line is that Ben Carson was right.  If you are going to die, make your attacker work for it.  If he only has three bullets left and there are twenty of you there is less of a chance that he would be able to hit anyone if he is under pressure having the mass attack turned against him.  If the attacker is able to walk one by one aim and fire then you know you are going to die.  But if your attacker is under pressure with the sheep now turning upon him and rushing him there is much less chance that there would be as many dead.

It is up to the good people within society to teach our children how to live and not how to become victims.  It is up to the good people in society to teach our children how to critically think because the schools will only teach them how to return information as it was given.  It is up to the good people of society to teach our children how to stand for what they believe and not be politically correct not standing for anything out of fear you might offend someone.  I can assure that there will always be someone somewhere who will be offended by something.  Growing up in the Stone Age we were taught to deal with it and not to wear our emotions on our sleeves.  We were taught to not let everything little thing bother us and to be bigger than the whiners.  But society and our elected leadership does not want historical Americans.  Our society and our elected leadership want sheep that are able to be led passively accepting whatever is passed their direction.  It is time we took our Forefathers off of the shelves and started seriously looking at their examples.  It is time we stopped being a passive nation and started acting like Americans again.  Tyranny, whether on the individual insane person level or the power crazed government level, only can exist with a passive and accepting society.  It is time we stopped being the sheep and took back our position as the sheepdog.


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