The type of control our nation needs


There is a type of grief that is basically impossible to understand.  It is the type of grief which comes from sending a loved one off to do something so simple as to go so school, the store, out for a burger, or something else that is routinely seen as safe and never to have them come home again.  This is the type of grief experienced by the families whose loved ones were murdered in Oregon.  This is the type of grief experienced by the family members of those murdered at the military recruitment center in Tennessee, New York, Arkansas, and Washington D.C.  This is the type of grief experienced by the families of those murdered at Ft Hood.  This is the type of grief experienced by the family of Coleen Hufford when she went to work at the food processing plant in Oklahoma.  It was the type of grief experienced by the thousands of families who lost loved ones on 9/11.  The list goes on and many times unreported.  What this nation needs is not gun control but Muslim control.

I know that right about now there are countless liberals who have lost their minds with my last remark and are gathering torches to burn me at the stake.  But it is time that America faces facts.  While our President refuses to acknowledge radical Islam is a major threat to this nation, people still are dying at the hands of Islam.  Our President wants to compare the numbers of people killed in gun violence such as the school shootings to those killed by Islamic terrorists and 3000 dead in the Twin Towers seems to be a good number to start off the comparison.  Gun control does not work.  It takes a real idiot to think that anyone who wants to commit crimes with firearms is going to worry about getting them legally.  Cocaine is illegal and people do not seem to have a problem getting that item.  In most states prostitution is illegal and it only takes a drive down any major city street at night to see its availability.  Rioting and burning buildings are both illegal and in Baltimore and Ferguson they were seen as ‘expressions of speech’.  The only people affected by gun laws are those who do not need gun laws because they obey the law.  Our politicians need to follow the ATF around for one month.  During that time maybe they will begin to see the rat’s nest of rules and regulations that they have chained to these agents.  It is impossible for any ATF officer to truly do their jobs completely because of all the stupid rules, laws, and regulations placed upon the public by people who have no idea regarding what they are passing.  Any politician who passes a law while not having any idea what the law says or means should be fired on the spot.

Until our government accepts the reality that Islam is not a religion of peace we will see more killings done in the name of religion.  This is not saying that all who follow Islam are murdering savages.  There are many who are not nut cases but simply wanting to live peacefully.  But Islam itself teaches extreme violence as per the Koran.  The Oregon murders were nothing less than hate killings done in the name of Islam against Christianity.  Obama did not seem too concerned that Christians were being singled out but was in arms over guns.  The gun did not kill anyone.  The idiot Muslim on the end of the trigger did the killing.  America is seeing on a daily basis what Islam is really like as we look at France, Great Britain, Germany and Holland.  Food is being protested because it is coming from the Red Cross.  If you are really hungry you eat the food and not protest.  I cannot feel pity for the so called refugees when I see boxes of apples left to rot by the side of the road.  It is infuriating seeing roads turned into dumping grounds by people who supposedly left with nothing and leave tents and countless numbers of items tossed around like a landfill.  As people riot because they do not think they are getting treated good enough and they are the ones wanting in to a country that tells me that they do not care about assimilation but seek domination.  These are the people this administration wants to bring into this country by the tens of thousands.

America needs Muslim control and not gun control.  America needs Muslim control and not mental health regulations over gun purchases because our politicians have proven themselves not to be smart enough not to include everything from total psychosis to seasonal depression, post-partum depression, or mood swings into the list of reasons to deny a person the Constitutional right to own a firearm.  When it comes to guns and the general public our gun controlling elected leaders are idiots.  Those who demand gun control consistently blame the gun while making excuses for the savage who did the murdering of innocent people.  Personally I do not care if someone was abused as a child, had bad grades and could not cope, or had horrible hygiene and therefore became overpowered by a handgun and went on a rampage.  It is time to blame the person.  It is time to regulate the one who does the slaughtering.

America has a Muslim problem and it is not going to get any better under this administration.  The world has a Muslim problem and other world leaders are getting tired of Obama’s excuses and are telling him the truth regarding the reality of this problem.   If you really wanted to stop the gun violence, allow more good people to be armed.  These cowards like soft targets so remove soft targets.  Remove ‘gun free zones’ since all they do is point out the soft target.  Personally, I believe that the reason this administration is pushing so hard for tight gun control and disarming the American people is so that when the Islamic terrorist and rioting mobs start here in our streets this administration want to protect them from harm.


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