Storms are coming


There are storms heading the direction of our nation and our political leaders are more concerned with the arrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic.  Are leadership have lost all vision of what it meant to be a leader in America.  With the recent declaration of an upcoming opening in Congress there are many who are instead of wondering who can best lead are licking their lips wondering how they can best use the opening for the most power.  I am so tired of these traitors.  But these people are also too stupid to realize that if they do not get their acts together that the coming storm, which is of their own making, will remove the need for their leadership.  Obama’s goals from the beginning included having a civilian army equal to the military in equipment.  He has been in the process of ‘radically transforming America’.  Now we have an amnesty plan which would open the gates for millions of undocumented aliens into the systems if they have not been there already.  There are plans to bring tens of thousands of ‘refugees’ into this country.  Many of these people are turned away by their own Muslim countries.  The question begs to be asked then why is Obama throwing open the doors of America.  Look at Denmark and Germany and you begin to get an idea what these so called refugees are about.  Look at France and you get to see a good idea of the world of Islam as it invades your shores.  Obama does not want freedom for the world, he want Islam for America.

Anyone who thinks that once these people get to America that they are going to be passive new immigrants is a fool.  Anyone who thinks that Obama has the best interest in mind for the American way of life is also a fool.  It does not take much to realize that there is a major band of storms heading our way.  Our political leaders seem too stupid to realize this concern.  They are sure that giving Iran an open nuclear program that the world is going to be safer.  They think that Islam is a religion of peace and that if only more people had jobs then they would not want to become suicide bombers.  I cannot believe how many idiots we have running this country.  Back in the day we used to call these people Communist because it was the Communist were trying to over throw our nation.  I know that term is not popular but it is true and the best one I can think of to describe the actions and goals of these people.

People need to keep in mind that Americans are different from most all other countries.  We were born out of revolution and we have kept our freedoms through fighting for them.  The only way the government will be able to not have total rebellion as these masses hit our streets with the same mayhem shown in other countries would be for them to round up the conservative citizens who will not idly by and allow chaos to consume our nation.  I truly do not believe our governmental leadership is taking these matters seriously.  I, personally, think they are more interested in how much power they are able to grab and their next unearned pay raise.  It is not a matter of if there will be total chaos but when it will happen.  If the government is permitted to bring these so called refugees into this nation and they begin their riots because Islam is not seen as important enough, then there will be pushback.  In this country all religions are permitted but all religions are seen as equal and no religion is permitted to attack another physically.  No religion is permitted to riot making demands.  America has its holidays and if you do not like them then simply do not come to America.  We have Christmas here.  If you have a problem with Christmas either do not come here or keep you dang mouth shut from October through January.

Once the doodoo hits the proverbial fan things will be in survival mode.  There will be no funding for Planned Parenthood because there probably would no longer be a Planned Parenthood.  The conservative people are tired of watching this liberal chop shop continue with tax payer money.  There will no longer be interest in Democrat or Republicans because they both have abandoned their reasons for existence.  There will only be people who want to enslave and people who want to be free.  There will be no talking over beer sessions because the ones who want to enslave will never give up their goal of enslaving and those who want to be free will never give up their desire to live free.  Our leadership has permitted snakes to invade the house.  Once they start laying eggs or having life births the only thing left is to burn the house and rebuild.  Congress is full of snakes.  The White House is full of snakes.  States congresses have too many snakes.  Liberal cities are spawning grounds for snakes.  Now before I get people in ugly suits knocking on my door I want to stress that I do not want to see anything negative happening in my homeland.  I am just saying what I see coming because of the goals and directions of our leadership.  It is happening.  We see it in every other country where these masses have been able to group.  Our present substructures are already overwhelmed.  It is obvious that the goal of our present leadership is to crack our substructures.  If this is the case and our leadership is wanting to lead America into becoming nothing more than just another Islamic state where people are forced to become Muslim or die, where rioting in the streets are commonplace because Islam is just making another demand because something somewhere insulted them, then I am hoping that there is enough American spirit remaining in this country to possibly bring it back home one more time.


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