Treason by way of the Constitution


It is time to stop being careful about what is being said.  Our government is using the Constitution against the people of America.  There are people making decision in this country who have no business in leadership.  In my opinion, when Kerry turned his back upon his fellow Vietnam soldiers, many of whom were being killed and tortured by the Vietnamese at the time he was condemning his fellow soldiers, he gave up all rights to lead this country.  His appointment to the position of Secretary of State was nothing more, again in my opinion, that a reward from Obama for supporting his positions and a way to use him as an international puppet.  This puppet fulfilled his role in getting Iran, a leading Muslim terrorist nation with hands dripping with American blood, a deal where it has an internationally recognized nuclear program and billions of dollars which has already been acknowledged by our leadership will be in part used to support international terrorism.  By our government’s recognition that the money will more than likely be used to support international terrorism, our elected leaders who vote to support this bill are knowingly supporting terrorism.

As if they are making a statement for which they all should be proud, this administration announced now they are planning to bring 85,000 of the ‘refugees’ into this country this year and 100,000 more next year.  As I look at the pictures of the ‘refugees’ my primary question is where are the women and children.  If these people are fleeing death and persecution you would think that there would be relief in their eyes and gratitude in their actions.  I look at Denmark and see these people destroying cafes and marching demanding Islamic rights.  These are not the actions of people fleeing for their lives.  These are not the actions of people who are begging to enter your country so they can have a place to call home.   These are the actions of people who are staging an action so that they can invade without using weapons.  These are the actions of people who are planning on becoming sleeper cells once allowed citizenship.  These are not the actions of human beings but rather animals that plan destruction rather than assimilation.

The Constitution and the right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion have been used in manners against this nation which were never even contemplated by our Founding Fathers.  I cannot picture our Patriots ever thinking that there would be masses allowed into this country who would be permitted to demand their rights over the rights of others.  I cannot picture any of the greats such as George Washington or Benjamin Franklin ever seeing the day when the President of the United States would be allowed to place in high positions people who are associated with groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood which is deemed a terrorist organization by numerous Muslim countries.  I cannot picture that any of our great leaders would have even contemplated that there might be the day in which America’s greatest threat would come from within our own elected leadership.  I cannot imagine that they ever thought that our leadership would ever be the spineless, gutless, greedy, corrupt people we as a nation pay millions to in salaries and benefits over their ‘career’ as a politician.  I believe our Forefathers had more faith in the people and their desire to remain free than the people we have become who have been more than willing to sell our freedom for a simple bowl of porridge.  I cannot see our leaders of old who fought so that the people of this nation would no longer have to settle for the crumbs which might fall from the table of English kings and monarchs ever seeing the people of this great nation being willing to give up their freedoms and settle for the crumbs of government checks and benefits.

Now with this administration wanting to allow tens of thousands of ‘refugee’s into this country, this on the heels of Obama’s amnesty allowing millions of illegal immigrants to become citizens, the collapse of our nation’s substructures is almost assured.  Obama and his administration are throwing our country into a level of internal turmoil never before experienced.  Our nation will become a nation under martial law.  If the actions of this administration are permitted to happen then Americans will be seeing riots in their streets never before imagined.  Our electoral process which is the only thing allowing a peaceful coup in governmental leadership for our country will become so corrupt it will become worthless, meaningless and nothing more than am exercise without real purpose.  Freedom of religion will become like that which is seen in so many third world countries where one religion uses every means at its disposal for the eradication and removal of all other religions other than its own to the point where there is no longer left even the smallest reminder of any other religion.

Our Constitution is being used by people who should be tried for treason against our nation.  Our freedoms are being turned against us.  This present government, across the board, is a stain upon the history of his country.  Our elected officials of both parties, led by the present Democrat party, is such a bunch of treasonous traitors that even many Democrat of old such as John F. Kennedy who believed in a strong and brave America are rolling over in their graves.  Khrushchev made the comment that America would fall without a shot being fired through the means of 24 tin soldiers.  He was referring to the alphabet and the written word.  Our Constitution has become instead of the guiding light of freedom the roadmap of destruction.  The legal system has become instead of great minds to keep the Constitution properly applied through the years nothing more than a system of puppets to tear at the very fiber of the freedoms in order to insert their own laws and applications for special interest.

My ancestors fought for this nation.  I am proud to be a member of the Sons of the American Revolution.  I am proud of my heritage as a decedent of Patriots as well as an American.  But I am ashamed of our leadership and the shortsightedness which now seems to mark our nation.  If we do not cherish our freedoms we will lose them.  Nothing is permanent unless it is maintained.


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