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lion and lamb

The election is getting all heated up over who says what, what was said when, and basically things that if we were kids back in the 50’s we would be told to grow up and get over it!    The question about this election should be basically simple and a no-brainer.  Look at who we presently have in the Oval Office.  We have Barack Obama.  We have a man who is using the social security number of a recently deceased individual from the East coast, his finally surrendered birth certificate was so embarrassing that a basic level forensic specialist is able to prove it to be false, he has lied more times to the American people than Richard Nixon, has reduced the American image in the global eyes to a laughing stock and viewed as inept, has insulted American history and the military by being the first President never to attend a Normandy ceremony honoring those who brought the beginning of the end to the rule of Adolf Hitler, created a national debt over 17 TRILLION dollars, has pushed American race relations back at least 60 years, and who has all the general appearances of a raving narcissist.   This man was brought to you by the Democrat Party.  Now ask yourself, if you had any brains at all why would you ever want to trust the Democrat Party for another President?

If I went to a dealership and bought a car that was promised to be the next best thing since the invention of white bread but shortly after getting it off the lot starting having problems you would take the car back.  Now imagine every time you took the car back complaining about the way it was running you were berated by the dealership as to how it must be YOUR fault the car was running poorly and that if you were only more careful with the car it would be running in top condition.   Repeatedly the car would act like you bought a lemon and each time you complained you were belittled as to how you must be doing something wrong because the car was so good and the perfect color for you.  Eventually you would stop ever going to that dealership.  America was sold a lemon.  That dealership which sold us that lemon keeps blaming America for the problems of that lemon.  I am tired of being told it is my fault when I did not do anything!  Facts are we have a bad President.  Facts are we were lied to by the Democrat Party regarding this lemon.  If he was truly born in America then there would never have been an issue over his birth certificate.  They created that mess and then blamed it on anyone who questioned their answer.  This is important because of the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES!  They had to have known about his social security number not being issued to him.  They had to have known of his history and how much of a druggie he was in college and high school.  They had to have known of his mentors.  They had to have known about his radical views and intentions.  They, therefore, have had to have given their blessing upon anything and everything Barack Obama was going to do to his nation.  If they knew of all these things then the Democrat party would be guilty of high crimes against this nation.  HOW IN THE BLAZES CAN WE EVER TRUST THE DEMOCRAT PARTY FOR A CANIDATE AGAIN?

Now I know many good people who vote Democrat.  The ones I blame are those in high positions in the party who doing everything in secret and scheme.  I blame the politicians who are evidently too stupid to do their own homework regarding their party.  They scream racism while supporting the very group that amped up the racism in the south.  These people, the politicians, either must not be too smart or just do not care.  Their very party fought against freed slaves ever being American citizens with the right to vote.  Their very party fought against the Asians from having proper recognition and rights as workers in the country.  Their party created the domestic terrorist organization within the KKK.  This is the party that bought you:  It must be passed in order for us to know what is in it.  This is the party that brought you:   Isn’t there a threat that Guam will tip over because of the presence of the US Navy?  This is the party that has brought you the Iran Nuclear deal granting billions of dollars to go to Iran which is known that it will go directly into terrorism therefore this is the party that is knowingly SUPPORTING TERRORISM AGAINST AMERICA.  Do these people even care about this county?  They give a good stance towards unions which, personally having ancestors and relatives in the coal industry I can relate to, can be a good thing.  But today seems more of an interest in the big unions who take members money to give to the Democrat party regardless of the preferences of the members.  This is the party that still sees Planned Parenthood as a good thing even though this organization has been caught selling baby parts which is illegal like car parts out of a chop shop.  The Democrat party is in trouble but it is up to the American people to get their heads out of the sand and to admit it.  It is up to the American people to start demanding accountability of our public officials.  It is time for the American people to demand things to change.  People will get away with murder if no one stands up and calls the police.

I am from Chicago and one unfortunately thing Chicago is known for is apathy regarding getting involved.  I do hope that has changed.  But one thing that anyone in basic psychology takes is a class that examines human behavior.  One example used in the class is an event from Chicago where a woman was being beaten and raped.  Her cries rose throughout the area but people closed windows and turned up the television instead of getting involved.  America is in a critical state and it is essential that Americans no longer be apathetic about politics.  It is time that the people DEMAND:   enough is enough!  It is clear that bad things and inappropriate things happened in Benghazi.  It is clear that inappropriate things happened with Clintons handling of classified matters.  It is clear that Obama has been extremely bigoted in his handling matters from the pulpit of the White House.  It is clear that America has members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a recognized terrorist organization, in key positions of this administration.  WHERE ARE THE CRIES FOR CHANGE?

If America survives it will be up to the people.  It will be up to people willing to get their heads out of the sand and get involved.  It will be up to the people willing to demand change.  It will be up to people willing to demand that the Constitution be enforced.  It will be up to the people to demand ethics from our politicians.  It will be up to the people to hold politicians accountable.  It is up to you and me if America stands or falls.  It will be up to the people if America stands or is eaten.


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