The set up

con artist

Anyone who is ever partially familiar with a con or con artist knows that the most important part of any con is the ‘set up’.  That is when you have the mark so into your word and ‘honesty’ that you can finish your con and walk away with all their money.  America has been in a ‘set up’ stage over the past number of years.  The actual number is truly debatable but the facts still stand that it has been happening.  Obama has been caught in so many lies from Fast and Furious, Obamacare and his ‘you can keep your doctor’, through the IRS issues where he learned about things through cable news, Benghazi,  and the list goes on.  While details may differ the reality is that the American people have been lied to by the President and numerous members of Congress across both sides of the aisle.    America is deep in the set up stage of this con.

It is not even debatable by anyone with an open mind that Obama is a devout Muslim.  For those who cry that it does not matter it only takes a moment to look at his record of defending America, which his oath commands, and see how little he has done against a global threat called ISIS and radical Islam.  There have been more sorties done during the first day or two of the Iraq war than during all the campaign presently against ISIS.  Obama and his administration helped fund and build ISIS and now the demon has come home to roost.  Now this administration wants tens of thousands of refugees in America.  Many of these refugees are Muslims.  One must ask why the Muslim countries do not want to house their own people.  I am not saying there are no good Muslims.  Many are Muslim in name only.  I knew many years ago a person in Turkey whom I enjoyed chatting with who was Muslim simply because she lived in a Muslim country but otherwise was as far from Islam and a pork butcher.  But it is commonly accepted that within these tens of thousands of supposed refugees will be numerous members of radical Islam also will be entering the US.  Obama and this administration, as well as some Republicans, knows that Iran will use a good portion of the billions of dollars being released under the nuclear agreement for terrorism.  This means they are willingly giving their approval for the funding of acts of war to be done against Americans and American targets.  This is treason!  They are also giving their blessing upon Iran moving from having an illegal nuclear program to having an open and accepted nuclear program.  It takes a fool to believe that they will not make nuclear weapons.  It also takes a fool to believe that have not already been working in that direction.

Obama and his administration have basically neutralized security on the southern border.  It is common knowledge that ISIS flags have been found in Texas as well as members of radical Islam with intent to destroy America.  There is no telling the numbers in California.  In Texas the radicals stick out like a sore thumb while in California they could run for public office and be seen as normal.

Obama and his administration have looked the other way while Christians by countless numbers have been slaughtered.  He continues in defending Islam by saying that ISIS, which has Islam as the first part of their name, has nothing to do with Islam.  Radical Islamist have killed and even beheaded Americans simply to have it called work place violence or any other explanation other than Islamic terrorism.  Despite what Obama may say, America has never been and will never be an Islamic country.  America was built upon strong Christian principles with an extremely close tie to Israel.  We have never been an Islamic country and the only real contact America has had with Islam was when they tried to attack us via pirates and we handed them their butts on a platter back to them.

We have morons with money buying legislation to regulate gun ownership.  This during a time of national and international threat should be seen as an act against the nation and they should be labeled as traitors to the nation.  But they have the money, the power and too many politicians in their pockets to ever be found guilty.  Obama, this administration, and many in Congress on both sides are pushing America into civil war.  Radical blacks who openly call for the murder of all white people, all police officers and even the beheading of white babies are doing so with immunity.  Radical Islamists are attacking American targets and are being called everything but Islamist terrorists.  Often they are being defended by people in this administration as poor people who simply need jobs to deter them from their evil ways.  (what a bunch of horse pucky!)

America is being sold out and set up!  I am not one to sit back and wring my hands saying:  oh me, oh my, what shall we do.  I hate to say it but we pretty much are assured under this President, this administration and our present Congress that this will happen.  The only question is to the timing.  I am hoping that America still has enough backbone left to take the needed stand.  I truly do not believe these idiots have calculated the American spirit.  We have not been broken.  We have not been silenced.  We have not disappeared!  We are still here and we will be a force with which to be reckoned.  It was the American spirit which deterred the Japanese army from ever doing a frontal assault upon American soil.  I believe that it had been the American spirit which kept America safe from frontal assaults from that time until 9/11.  I believe that the radicals of Islam had an ‘oh crap’ moment after 9/11 realizing that was not such a good idea.  Now we are letting them into this country and basically paying them to do so.  But we will not be silent!  I am not calling for war by any means.  But if it comes I want Americans to be prepared.  If you do not have any means of personal defense, I would call you a fool and highly recommend that you get something.  For those who believe that prayer is all they need I like to remind people of the simply phrase:  Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.  If you have not prepared any source of food and water, do some serious thinking on that matter.  Now is not the time for wienies.  Now is the time to dig deep and find what part of the American spirit is still residing in your soul.  Now is the time to sink deep inside your inner self and find that part of you that says you will defend your spouse and family at any and all costs.  Now is the time to draw a line in the sand and say that ‘YOUR LIFE MATTERS, YOUR COUNTRY MATTERS, AND THAT YOUR AMERICAN WAY MATTERS!’  If we lose our freedoms we have lost our nation.

My father fought in WWII.  It was driven into us kids what the world might have been like under Hitler or under the Japanese regime.  Within the past 40 years we can look back to PolPot and see a life under a regime that does not honor life or freedom with the millions killed many simply because they wore glasses and were considered critical thinkers because they did so and thus a threat to the regime.  Look at the Christians being driven to the hills to starve to death by ISIS or those drowned or burned to death simply because they do not believe a certain way.  Do not begin to think that would never happen in America.  It is happening one by one.  Our political system has been turned against us.  It is up to the people to prepare to take it back.


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