Call to arms

thin blue line

There used to be a typing exercise which went like:  Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.  This is no longer just an exercise but a command.  We are seeing animals running the streets chanting for the death of police officers.  In my opinion, they have been surgically instructed where to attack in order to create the most chaos in the quickest manner.  This would create the need for both federally controlled police organizations as well as martial law.  By attack law enforcement these animals are attacking the very central core of the American way of life.  America is a land of law and order.  By attacking law and order they are seeking to create chaos and disorder.  They are not just attacking police.  These animals are attacking America.  These animals are attack you and me.  Now is the time for it so stop!

So many people sit back and wring their hands saying things like:  oh me, oh my, what can I do because I am just one person.  The ‘we the people’ is not a corporate statement.  ‘We the people’ is not a statement made up of single individuals who act in a uniformed manner.  It is the ‘we the people’ that these animals is not expecting.  These animals bank on chaos and division.  But we are not going to take their bait of stupidity.  I propose four easy steps by which we can make a difference in the war against the police and put a major crimp in the efforts of these animals.  I call them animals because they are no longer human beings when they go hunting down our police officers.  They are nothing but animals and should be treated as such.  No respect should be given to these animals.  They have no cause.  They have no right or purpose except to create problems.  They hide under the mask of ‘caring for the black man’ while doing nothing about the intense numbers of blacks being murdered by blacks.  These four simple items can put a major wrench in their machine of destruction.

First item is to start thanking a police officer.  Duh!  When you see a police officer politely go up to them and tell them thank you.  Shake their hand and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts on your behalf.  Many of us have had to call upon the police during our lifetimes and have appreciated them for their help.  If you see a police officer on the street politely and carefully so that you do not appear to be a threat, approach him or her just to say thank you.  Go to your local police or sheriff office and just tell them you appreciate their work and their sacrifice.  Remember, while you are enjoying Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners they are working.  When you are sound asleep they are working.  When you are enjoying time with your family in the evenings, they are working.  Let them know you realize what they do for you.  Unless you are a police family you do not understand what runs through the hearts and minds of the family members.  Every day a police family member fears that phone call.  Every day you hope they make it home.  Every day you silently pray they are safe.  Not too many other occupations include this element.

Second item is to have a pro-police rally.  These animals who have their signs saying how ‘police are nazis’, (which really show how stupid these people are and little they know of WWII), and chant ‘pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon’ (which is coward code for wanting police in coffins), and these animals love to have their anti-police rallies.  They problem with these animals is that the poles which are holding up their signs have a higher IQ than most of them at the protests!  Have a pro-police rally with pro-police banners and signs.  Let the community know that there are people out there who appreciate law enforcement.  Remember, if the only thing many people see are the animals then that is the impression they will be having regarding the matter.  Too often the media is able to skew things into whatever direction they desire.  They are able to have the camera in such a position to capture a single protester with a few people behind them and make it look like mass numbers.  Do not let the liberal media or the animals have the last say regarding our police officers.

The third item is to have fund raisers for your local police department.  Unfortunately many city governments treat our local police departments with much the same level of disrespect as these animals.  Unfortunately many city governments are more concerned with the pay raise of their executives than the police budget.  In many cities where politics is the name of the game and they are more concerned with who is sleeping with whom in order to get what promotion and more interested in self-importance than right and wrong.  A good police department who is not politically driven, and yes there are many out there, is an insult to the politically driven city politicians who think that just because they hold such and such an office that they are above the law.  Many of these departments will be see a cold day in Hell before their budget increases are ever passed.  Allow the police to by-pass city politics and help them raise the money needed for special items.  Remember, whatever the police get will probably circle around and be to your best interest sometime in the future.

The final item is personal.  These animals want to harm or kill our law enforcement officers.  But what they are not expecting is the general population to stand up in their defense and yell:  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  If they want to harm our police and other law enforcement personnel it is time that the animals realized that they will have to go through us and there are many more of us than of them.  If you see a police officer getting beaten up by some of these animals I encourage you to open a case load of ‘whoop ass’ upon their miserable souls.  Be there when our police are alone and watch out for them.  Show them they are not alone nor forgotten.  We are a massive army for good and we will not be silent any longer!

If we do not do these things then as the chaos continues the door is open for politicians who want a federal police force to walk in.  Remember how well a federal police force worked for Hitler.  It worked out great for him but lousy for the people.  These animals think that the people will stand idly by and not interfere with their plans.  These animals are instructed because most of them are too stupid to think for themselves.  But someone knows that by attacking the heart of the American way of life that they can eventually cause massive bleeding in the American body.  The police have been there when we needed them and now is the time for us to be there for them.  Now is the time to stand with the ‘thin blue line.   WE THE PEOPLE WILL NO LONGER BE SILENT!


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