Lives matter

Deputy Darren Goforth is pictured in this undated handout photo provided by the Harris County Sheriff's office, August 29, 2015. REUTERS/Harris County Texas/Handout via Reuters

My daddy used to have a saying of ‘enough is enough and too much is right down nasty’.  We have heard this administration with its racism stoking with the representatives sent to the funerals of thugs and hoodlums while remaining silent on white people killed by illegal aliens or when a crazy black person kills two white people on television.  The administration has been silent as the racist group Black Panthers have called for the deaths of all whites and police officers.  This administration has remained silent as Obama’s friend and Muslim racist Louis Farrakhan calls for the deaths of all white people.  Now we are having police officers ambushed like the old Wild West.  These people want to complain about supposed police brutality.  These people are killing police officers for fun on a regular basis.  They want the police to be for ‘people friendly’.  These people have sabotaged their own ‘movement’.

Keep in mind that if these people are willing to gun down armed and trained police officers then they would not think twice about gunning down any innocent person who stands in their way.  Do not question for one minute that these people have brought a war to the streets of America.  Do not question for one minute that the blood of these police officers also cover the hands of Obama and his administration.  This administration blew a chance for helping real change in Iran when the people were protesting in the streets of Iran and wanting change while this administration remained silent not wanting to offend Islam.  This administration encouraged the rioters of Ferguson when they should have remained silent and now must share the blood of the animals that are gunning down law officers.

People have had the veil of naivety stripped away.  The only ones who are able to still possibly think that the ‘black lives matter’ movement is really about promoting lives and that anyone who is not part of the movement are in jeopardy must be living with their heads buried in the sands.  People need to have no question about reality.  These people have brought a war onto the streets of America.  People must also have no question regarding the reality of the situation.  There is no longer any room for fence setters.  Choose which side you are to be a part or it will be chosen for you by people who do not care if you live or die.

For me I chose the side of the Blue Line where good at least has a chance.  I chose the side where people at least want there to be life.  I chose the side where white and black and all other colors wear blue and bleed red.  I chose to stand with law enforcement.  If that put me in the crosshairs of nut-jobs and racist wackos so be it.  They need to be aware that I have no Maranda rights that I must give them.  I have no rules of engagement.  I have no regulations by which I must behave.  If they threaten my life I will, by rule of law, kill them and then go out for a cup of coffee afterwards with no remorse.  I will stand with and defend law enforcement.  I do not desire to harm anyone.  But if these animals want war then there is only one way that I know to have a war and that is to show no mercy, take no prisoners, and give no quarter.  If I have anyone threatening me or my family the bullets in my gun are not racists.  They do not care if they are black or if they might have had some slightest background of slavery in their family lines.

These animals also have the nerve to dare to call on law enforcement when anyone offends them.  They cannot have it both ways.  If they want to threaten and gun down law enforcement do not be surprised if they are going to be slow to respond to their calls for help.


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