Offended by the offended

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I am sick and tired of constantly reading how another muslim is offended by something in America.  They are offended because women wear bikinis; they are offended because food banks do not have halal meats; they are offended by Christmas; they are offended by Christians; they are offended because we eat bacon; they are offended at pig roasts; they are offended at pig farmers; they are offended at restaurants that serve pork; they are offended at other religions; the list can go on and on.  I am offended at people who come to this country just to find fault with it and try to change it!  If you do not like America and its traditions then why would a person want to stay in America?  I have worked hard all my life not to be bias or racist.  But I must admit I am losing that fight.  I am no longer going to be tolerant.  I am no longer going to be tolerant towards people who want to come to America just to complain.  If I went to any other country I would be expected to keep my mouth shut and obey their laws and honor their customs.  Only in America do we allow people to come here and mess things up.  I have never known of any other group other than the group of muslims which have been recently coming to our shores to be so ungrateful and complaining.

America has its own laws.  America does not need sharia law.  If someone wants to live under sharia law there are numerous countries in which they may live which abides by sharia law.  America has its laws and it is not sharia law.  I do not know any civilized person who would want to live under sharia law, especially female.  Sharia law is barbaric to say the least.  It is interesting how many liberals scream in favor of muslim rules and sharia law while all the time being so pro-gay lifestyle.  The liberals need to read sharia law and comprehend how under the commands of sharia law the gays are being beheaded or thrown off of buildings.  But liberals are not known for really knowing that of which they try to speak!  Our laws officers enforce ONE set of laws for all people.

America has its flag.  If that flag is offensive then I would recommend that person go to a country with a less offensive flag.  America has its liberties.  One of our liberties is to go to the beach.  If someone wants to wear less then someone else at the beach that is their right as an American.  Now if the muslims really want to start a problem in America they can just keep on trying to outlaw bikinis.  They are going to have a fight on their hands that they have never seen before!  America has its food.  Pork is part of American food.  Bacon is a staple in America.  Jews do not eat bacon or pork and I have never heard them raising a fuss.  But according to the koran the Jews are supposed to be vile people.  Maybe the muslims needs to be a little bit more like the Jews and less offensive and offended.  America has it traditions.  If you do not like our traditions I am sure there are places without those traditions.

I know that our political leadership has paved the way of muslims to be more outspoken since they have been given leadership positions in our government.  But we are still America.  I hope that once we get the present leadership out of office that America might return to normal where people who want to hate American way of life simply fade away to countries more of their liking.


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