Illogic of atheism

atheist logic

It is not going to be long until we are going to be hearing the rants and whines of atheist over Christmas trees.  So many atheists want to come across as being too intelligent to believe in a Supreme Being.  But if you take time to look at the behaviors of those who call themselves atheists it does not make much sense and lacks in any logical understanding.

Atheists seem to be the only people who work so hard to disprove what they do not believe exists. Most people really do not care if someone believes in something they do not exist.  Why would they worry about what someone else chooses to believe especially if they do not believe it exists at all?  Some people do not believe in Bigfoot while others believe he is an unknown biped.  I do not see them spending their lives attacking those who believe through law suits and constant hostility.  All reason and logic flies against the atheist and this behavior.  Why worry if someone believes in something that truly believes does not exist?  It has no basis unless the atheist actually does believe that God exist and wants to prove themselves wrong rather than proving other people to be wrong.  If there believe at any level that there is a Supreme Being then they must also be accountable to that Higher Being.

Why do atheists worry about Christmas if it was not because they cannot stand the word Christ?  Again, it seems more like it is a personal problem than a religious issue.  Christmas has been a tradition that has been around for centuries.  The Christmas tree is a tradition that has been around for centuries.  If the atheists want to drum out either because of Christ they need to do their research on the histories of these traditions.  The atheists are actually giving more credence to the religious importance of these traditions than actually history is able to give.  So again this all leans to the concept that the atheist is having more of a personal problem with God than with the traditions of Christmas or the Christmas tree.

To devote one’s life to the removal of something that is supposed to not even exist is probably the most illogical actions imaginable.  But the actions of the atheist do not support the idea that their argument is with God but rather with Christianity.  I do not hear them saying that allah does not exist.  I do not hear them saying that any other term of a deity does not exist.  I only hear them screaming how God does not exist.  Again, if there was a problem with a supreme being then there are many out there worshipped by other people and religions.  Their only problem seems to be with Christianity.  Again, this action seems to give credence to the idea that they must have some deep seated conviction that there is a Supreme Being to which all mankind will be answerable.   I might recommend that instead of making millions of other people miserable that they simply deal with their own issues.  Likewise, it would also be advisable that society does not give in to whining of a select few who does not want to change their own lives because they are obviously feeling guilty over something.

Additionally, a so called atheist is claiming to know exactly what is beyond the realm of what is seen.  It has been proven that there are many things which exist which cannot be placed in a test tube.  One question I like to ask those who think that everything is supposed to be held and measured is: where is the mind?  I am not talking about the brain.  I am talking about the mind.  You cannot show anyone a mind but it exists.  Likewise, for those who pride themselves on being super logical I would like to ask the question regarding why the universes appear to be in reasonable and logical organization.  Organization demands an organizer.  Also, if everything is as ancient as they claim why did Neil Armstrong step into a ¼ inch of lunar dust?  Armstrong was supposed to have sunk in to the lunar dust.  (I guess the maid came.)

Whether someone chooses to believe in God or not is their choice.  But it would highly be recommended that before they take offense with the hypocrites of the church who says one things and acts in a contrary fashion, that they get their own lives in order.  Stop saying one thing and then fussing over something that contradicts your beliefs.  If there is not God then what is the fuss about?  If there is a God, and they know it, then that is a different matter.


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