ISIS destroying history

Let me begin by assuring people that I do not believe the NAACP is beheading innocent people.  But there are aspects of NAACP that is exactly like the general mentality of ISIS.  ISIS goes into areas and anything that does not agree with the beliefs of ISIS and radical Islam they destroy it.  This means untold value of history is smashed, blown up, bulldozed and hammered into oblivion.  They cannot stand anything that does not agree with their agenda to survive.  NAACP is doing the same thing regarding the Civil War.  This was a part of history and has been so corrupted by liberal mentality.  What is being taught about the Civil War and the South is not true.  Yet the liberal mentality and NAACP does not seem to care about truth.

There is a close affiliate of the NAACP that brings this organization a little too close to ISIS for most people’s comfort.  I do not believe anyone will believe that the NAACP and groups like the Black Panthers are totally and completely separate without influence between the two groups.  The mentality of radical Islam, Nation of Islam, and radical black anarchist seems to infiltrate all these particular exclusive black groups.  People like Louis Farrakhan have yet to be rebutted by the NAACP and his call for all blacks to start killing all whites.  Farrakhan and his call for the 10.10.15 demand for ‘justice’ and his repeated call for violence has never been rebutted by NAACP and groups like the Black Panthers are proven to be leaded and greatly influenced by the Nation of Islam and radical Islam.

I know that what I am saying is probably going to be attacked as being racists.  I am not a racist.  I am a realist.  I speak that other people are thinking.  I am simply putting down in writing what is obvious to anyone who wants to listen and truly watch what is happening in our world.   One huge problem that American is facing is that our present administration and governmental leadership has all appearance as being totally engulfed in the beliefs of radical Islam.  Our president has been referred to as a close friend of Louis Farrakhan and pictured with him.  He has also been referred to as the Messiah by Farrakhan.  Please keep in mind that this is a man who calls for the destruction and elimination of all white people.  He has been calling for race wars for years.  Farrakhan, being a strong muslim, would never have those words for anyone who was not a brother muslim.  I highly doubt that he would ever have those words for people like Ben Carson or Herman Cain.  We have a president and his primary advisor who is outspoken in their love for Islam.  We are watching a group of radical Islamist called ISIS that started as a small flea on the back of the world and it grew.  America needs to be careful.  America, under the protection of this administration, a group that is bent upon the total eradication of history that does not fit its agenda and a radical group calling for total violence and racial wars which gets fueled by this anti-white mentality.

The real insult of what is happening is that it is a complete insult to the black people on this nation who simply want to live, let live, be left alone, and build a good family and nation by building good people.  It is an insult to their hard efforts to teach and do the right things in life.  There are probably more black people in this nation who have no intention to harm anyone than there are those who are planning race wars.  Yes, I use the term ‘black people’ not because I am racist but because not all darker skinned people are from Africa.  There are many from the islands who are offended if you refer to them as African-Americans because they are NOT from Africa.  It is rather stupid to assume that everyone who is dark skinned is from Africa.  I guess if you want to be literal than everyone has roots in the Macedonian valley.  Not everyone wants to be referred to as African.  Likewise not every black person in America has roots in slavery.  It would be interesting to do genealogy studies on many of those who are screaming about slavery to see if they have roots in America and slavery.

The bottom line is that America has sown some seeds.  Just like ISIS started as a small seed of radical Islam and was allowed to grow, so does America have some seeds of extreme radicalism that is being permitted to grow and protected from being pulled up.  It is time to wake up and stop thinking that everything is rosy and being politically correct is the plan for the future.   People, mentalities, organizations, and agendas which were previously untouchables need to be examined with a critical mind and people need to start speaking the truths regarding what is really happening within these groups.


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