There is an event that has been planned and which threatens America.  The media has ignored this issue.  The Attorney General seems to have ignored this threat.  Radical Islamists in America such as those who listen to Louis Farrakhan are threatening a major attack on America on 10.10.15.  They claim this will be greater than 9/11.

Now I know there will be those who say that I am delusional or that my tin foil hat must be too tight.  But I am willing to look at possibilities that current events seem to give illumination.  America needs to take a serious look at its present government.  If the current political leadership was in office 40 years ago they would have been taken out of office for treason.

We have the Iran deal.  What kind of international deal is done that is supposed to be so great for the world where there are so many ‘secret’ side deals?  We are talking about giving a green light to the nuclear program of the world leader in international terrorism.  The only reason I can personally imagine why Obama and Kerry want this deal approved is that they are in total cooperation with what Iran stands for and desires to accomplish worldwide.   The media has not done their job nor fulfilled their obligation to the American people by not investigating this ‘deal’.  The connection between Kerry and Iran leadership was made clear by those who attended his daughter’s wedding.  Obama’s connection with Iran and radical Islam has been clear ever since his childhood training.  Obama has been, in my opinion, notably more concerned with promoting Islam than he has in promoting America.  He has operated under a social security number of a dead man from the east coast and has had legal experts say that his supposed birth certificate is not only a fake but a poor fake.  There needs to be serious investigation of these two men regarding criminal activity and treason.

People like Farrakhan and the Black Panthers have been getting away with making open threats against the government, nation, law enforcement and all white people.  They have called for killing of all police officers while this administration has remained silent.  This leaves the question about collusion between the government and these groups.  There is a strong tie between these groups and many within this administration.  That tie appears to be Islam.  Our administration has numerous people in key positions that have close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Islam and racial radicalism is a disease which has impregnated this administration.

If there is a key event on 10.10.15 there are things which could be seen happening between now and then.  Obama and those who seem to support radical Islam know that within America is one key defense that is not found in other countries.  Within America is the historical Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  One of the first things that will need to happen would be a total disarming of the general populous.  It will be interesting to see what is going to happen between now and October regarding gun rights.  A primary element in disarming the general population would be martial law.  There have been many rumblings regarding September as being a key month.  I am not creating ‘conspiracy’ events.  I am simply trying to connect dots.

Regardless what happens the remainder of this year the facts remain that America is in a load of hurt.  Never have the Black Panthers in recent years been able to get away with open threats upon law officers.  Never have radicals such as Farrakhan in recent years been able to get away with seeming total immunity to make open threats upon a complete race.  Radicals have become totally emblazoned in their boldness.  There is a consistent threat which keeps all these radical groups connected and that is Islam.  Radical Islam is taking hold in America.  With Islam come threats.  It is clear that Islam will remain protected by this administration.  It is also clear that this administration cannot be relied upon to protect America from radical Islam.  If there is to be any protection for America it must come from Americans.  It must come from the people.  If it takes disobeying ‘executive orders’ that Obama might sign which tries to disarm the general population then civil disregard to those orders are expected.  If Americans are able to continue to defend themselves, their families and their homeland then radical Islam needs to reconsider their threats.  While there were many who supported the American Revolution only 3% of the general population actually fought in the American Revolution.  Today people are fed up with all the threats.  I believe that there are considerably more than 3% who would be capable and willing to defend their homeland against both foreign and domestic terrorists.  Maybe the greatest question for today is not what might happen in the future but what side of the conflict will YOU stand?


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