Hillary grow up


Hillary needs to stop acting like a noob.  A noob is someone who is new to playing video games.  The investigation which is going on regarding her server and emails looks as if it is being approached by Hillary and her camp like it is some kind of a game.  When she replied to the question if she ‘wiped’ her server by saying ‘like with a rag’ was an insult to the legal system of this country.  I remember watching the bratty kids when they were caught doing something they should not have been doing by the teacher and their response being real snotty and arrogant.  We are not talking about taking a postage stamp from your employer; we are talking about classified and sensitive information that would easily have been picked up by anyone with an ability to hack a computer.

There are no excuses for Hillary regarding government communications.  She is not some newbie to the system.  She was the First Lady, and in the opinion of many, more the Commander in Chief than her husband.  She was a Senator.  She was the Secretary of State.  She knew the law.  She knew what a sensitive communication was and how it was to be treated.  Her staff was familiar with sensitive communications.  Hillary and her staff must stop playing games.

Her flippant attitude towards the investigation which was started not by Congress but by the FBI is a serious matter.  She reduces the legal system to a joke.  She acts like it is not a big deal to be investigated by top officials.  The very thing that she apparently has been found doing involving scores if not hundreds of emails is the same thing that others have been convicted for doing.  General Petraeus is just the most notable.  But there have been numerous people sacked for mishandling classified and confidential emails.  Hillary is trying to play word games.  Her defense is that ‘it was not labeled’ as classified.  Someone with her experience in dealing with classified, secret and top secret communications removes her excuse of playing ignorance.  Her present game playing is an insult to the American people.

Hillary wants to be the next president.  In the eyes of many she has proven that she cannot be trusted with sensitive emails.  How is she going to prove that she is able to be trusted with the presidency?  Her attitude is contradicting her words regarding how much she can ‘relate’ to the common person.  The common person would be trying to do everything possible to stay out of prison.  The common person does not have an army of attorneys at their disposal.  The common person would not dare make a mockery of the Congress with flippant answers.  Personally, in my own opinion, I find her attitude regarding this whole matter completely nauseating.  In the past Hillary has made comments supporting different approaches to government and in opposition to the present and historical way of life in America.  We have already had almost eight years of opposing mentalities and actions against the traditional American way of life.  If American makes it to the next election is yet to be seen.  If we make it to the next election America might as well write its own tombstone if another term of ‘Obama like’ establishment is voted into office.  America and American values and traditions will not survive another President like the one we presently have in the Oval Office.

I am tired of having people elected into leading position who play games with their offices, their oaths, and their obligations.  I am tired of people elected into office who just want power, money, and position.  I am tired of people elected into office who have not the foggiest idea of our Forefathers, their values, their sacrifices, or their visions.  I am tired of people elected in office who have no idea what is in the Constitution or its values.  I am tired of people who are elected by the people just to become the voice of a select few.  I am tired of people elected into office who kiss up to the average person with smiles and buying fast food as if that is some writ of passage into the land of the common person just to have a total ‘screw you’ mentality once they get elected.  I want someone who would have stood with George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, John Adams and others who had courage to believe in the American dream without receiving a dime for their sacrifice.  It is time that the electoral pool got bleached.


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