Rousey is Right


I have never been a follower of the MMA, cage matches, or even boxing for that matter.  The most interested I have really ever been was after my cousin would post a few things on facebook of MMA fighter that he has done security around and knows personally.  But I must admit that Ronda Rousey has caught my attention.  As a retired shrink I find it interesting when a person is able to come to grips with all sides of themselves both soft and hard characteristics.  As a fighter I find her impressive as well.  But that is not what this blog is regarding.  I am writing because of her latest comments regarding transgender fighters.  She seemed to shock the liberal world after reminding them that just because you change a person’s outsides they are really still the same inside.  Muscle and bone mass is still the same even after you remove a penis and add breast tissue.

I do not understand this big uproar over transgender.  It used to not be a real problem as a kid knowing which bathroom you were supposed to use.  When you went pee you were either a ‘sitter’ or a ‘pointer’.   Now everyone seems to be confused over the matter.  Things have gotten so out of hand that they border on child abuse in my opinion.  I read stories of lesbian parents who are transforming their boy into a girl.  Everyone seems to scream ‘rights’.  Well where is the right for this boy to decide to be a little boy.  Personally I believe it is just down right wrong to be pushing transgender anything on elementary children.  Our graduates are hardly able to give the correct change without looking at the computer first.  I think there are more important things for the school system to be teaching than getting the child to worry over whether they ‘feel’ more boy than girl or girl than boy.  Liberals, in my opinion, have ruined the American school system.  They have taken simply things like recess and have turned them into hostile activities that need to be avoided.  It is good for a child to get bumps and bruises from playing hard.  They will survive.

Jenner is labeled a hero because he stopped being a male.  If you want a hero, talk to some of the remaining World War II survivors.  Talk to survivors of Korea.  Talk to survivors of Vietnam.  Talk to survivors of the Middle East wars.  Talk to the battered wife who had the courage to leave her piece of dog poo husband and found a better life for her and her children.  Liberals today could not tell a hero if he or she came up and kicked them in the shin.  Liberals have got to be some of the biggest hypocrites I have seen.  They scream ‘rights’ yet they impose the ‘rights’ of one over the ‘rights’ of others.  If you are denying the rights of others and especially the masses, then do not scream about rights because you do not believe in rights.  Now if someone wants to cross-dress who am I to tell them they cannot do that because it is none of my business.   But to force a child to cross-dress because the parents want them to feel ‘free’ is child abuse.  To force elementary children to listen to stories of gay and lesbian families is, in my opinion, also child abuse because that child is going through enough already.  There is no need to add something into the mix that is simply the product of an agenda and not directed by the expressed needs of the children.

In my opinion, this whole transgender thing is nothing but a big farce created because a few want to be ‘different’.  Go for it but do not drag the rest of society into the mix.  If a person wants to pay for a surgery to stop having a penis and to have and ‘innie’ instead of an ‘outie’ then that is their business.  But do not call them a hero and do not begin to think that internally they are no longer a male or female.  The bone structure is still the same.  The muscle mass is still the same structure.  Psychologically they are still the same regardless of their ‘counseling’.  Men and women are made up differently regardless as to what the liberals scream.  Brain structure and sizes differ between the sexes and do not change with a surgery on a person’s genitals.  Brain and emotional make-up are different and surgery does not change the way a person is ‘hardwired’.  In my opinion, when you start changing things to this level you create more problems than before.   A female made from a male body will never have children and the mothering instinct will never be there.  A male made out of a female body will never father a child (unless there have been ‘major’ changes in medical science).  The more all of these changes are forced on to society the only thing that truly increases is the risk of having emotionally stunted people and medical experiments running around claiming to be something they never were and some later wanting to change back.  We think that society is messed up now.  Give this trend a few more years and we will be looking back to today with longing in our eyes.


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