Prepared or Paranoid


I remember as a former Boy Scout the motto used to be ‘Always be prepared’.  I don’t know what the motto is anymore.  I remember we were taught first aid and other forms of emergency survival.  In my car I keep a first aid kit and an emergency kit with things ranging from water purification straws, plastic tarp, flares and other things needed in case I ever get stranded somewhere.  Chances of me every getting stranded are slim to nil but I feel better having this in my car whenever I travel.  I like to be prepared for the unexpected.  Most people look at this behavior as wise and prudent.  But why is it suddenly now paranoid if I include a firearm.

In Houston home invasions are up 25% while in Sacramento they are up 37%.  It is not uncommon anymore to turn on the news and hear of another case of someone breaking into a home while the owners are still present.  Back in the Stone Age as a kid I hear of it happening in Chicago and while living in East Chicago I remember a major scare when my brother and I were home alone and the basement door made a sound like someone was down stairs.  It was nothing but enough to make me realize that things happen.  Another time as a kid I remember us coming home and the person who had burglarized our home had just left through another door because the toilet was still filling back up where they used it before leaving.  For these reasons I carry my weapon with me in my home.  I do not always have it on me inside but during the day I usually do.   A person only gets one opportunity to save their life.  If you need to do something that would save your life and you are unable to do so you normally do not get a second chance because you are dead.

I am amazed as to how many of the anti-gun people are either on the payroll of some fat cat who has armed security guards surrounding them and are compensated for screaming about the evils of firearms or are from Tiny Town USA and have never had more of a personal conflict than trying to get the correct change from the local mini market store clerk.  When I first moved to a small rural town people would hassle me about owning guns until the little town grew basically overnight.  Those same people were coming to me asking me what caliber and type of handgun I might recommend for their own protection.  It is amazing how a little dose of reality is able to change an anti-gunner into a practicing shooter.

Our world has changed.  It is not changing, it has changed.  It is not the place it used to be where you could just pick up and go for a night time walk.  Not  only are there our own wackos running amuck but now we have imported wackos that we need to be concerned regarding running around.  Radical muslims with a need to kill anything that they do not find compatible with their religion feel a need to have it destroyed.  Nut jobs and gangbangers who like to kill just for the sake of watching someone die like the Mexican gang MS-13 is another new twist.  Kids who evidently never were told the word ‘no’ growing up now are bring .40 caliber firearms to the school simply to shoot up their former girlfriend and her associates even if her associates were the shooter’s cousins.  Grade school and Junior High school girls stabbing another girl simply because she wanted to know what it felt like now fill Juvenile Hall.  My greatest amazement is that some people still wonder why I choose to carry a gun!

I choose to carry a weapon not because it makes me feel tough.  If anything I am more polite when I am armed because if I get angry and someone finds out that I am carrying a weapon then they are all just going to freak out thinking that I am going to shoot someone.  But I never want that feeling of being somewhere and being totally helpless to protect my loved ones if someone goes nuts.  If someone wants to start shooting people up in the name of their religion I at least want to return fire.  Those people are usually cowards who like unarmed people and I believe if good people shot back that it would end their shooting spree really quick.  I do not care if someone is mentally unstable or not, if they start shooting then they deserve to be shot at in return fire.  No religion gives anyone the right to harm my wife.  I will return fire.  I do not buy the idea of ‘they are just poor misunderstood children’.  If they want to shoot at someone then they deserve to have return fire.  That ‘child’ is trying to kill you and it does not matter their age.  I will not and yell out ‘what is your age and how sound are you mentally’ during a firefight!

We as regular people are being attacked.  We have radicals of all groups calling for the deaths of anyone and everyone they do not like.  It does not matter your race or religion, someone out there anymore is against it and wants to kill you for your stand and position because they are ‘offended’.  Our present political administration has done more to set race relations back probably a good 60 years.  Black Panthers are calling for the deaths of all white people openly and without any interference.  Yet when a white person shoots up a black church the government is involved like bark on a tree.  I never thought I would ever see the day when a radical muslim would behead someone in public and open daylight in America.  Now Islamic terrorists shooting at military sights seems to become commonplace.  Call me what you will be I honestly believe that it is the agenda of this administration to create internal shooting civil war between radical groups and conservatives.  Once they can accomplish that then they can order martial law and bring in the UN as ‘peace keepers’ only it would be then that the real fighting would begin.

Apathy has brought us to this place.  We have watched our political leaders becoming increasingly complacent and we have done nothing.  Now that the water in the pot with the frog is beginning to boil people are seeing there is a problem and it might be too late.  We have allowed the media to laugh at those who were scream that things were getting warm while electing those who offered more shiny objects to keep our minds diverted off of what was really happening.  We have allowed our children to be raised with a ‘me’ attitude and back talk has gone ignored.  Now instead of just talking back the children are killing their parents.  Instead of taking personal responsibilities for negative actions mobs are rioting and burning down towns just because they are ‘unhappy’ with things.  Little thugs are going into stores in mass doing ‘flash’ hits knowing that the clerks are helpless as they swarm in like a bunch of invasive bees and swoop up everything their grubby little hands can carry,.  We have followed the ‘great minds’ of the social progressives in condemning discipline as stifling the child’s creativity.  Community organizers have had the soap box far too long proclaiming how the poor unfortunate people are there because of something in history 100 years and more ago as opposed to taking personal initiative to make changes.

The second amendment is there not to protect the individual from wild deer.  It is there to protect the individual from wild others and wild governments.  I just hope it is not too late.  But for me, my choice is to ‘always be prepared’!


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