Do not watch the hands of the magician


At times I honestly wonder just how stupid people are verses how stupid the media and politicians desire us to be.  I read various reports of Kerry trying to sell his Iran deal.  First it should make everyone’s head explode when Kerry plays the veteran card.  Yes he did serve in the military.  But he also knew how to get out after three ‘purple hearts’ which was not necessarily because he was shot or wounded by the enemy.  After he got out he basically spit upon every Vietnam veteran.  He threw them under the bus by calling them nothing but murderers.  I have cousins on the Wall and a person like Kerry sickens me and he has the gaul to try and brag about his time in the service.  Now this semi-idiot, in my opinion, does not even know how to parse words.  When someone says they are going to kill you or death to America it seems pretty clear what is meant.  But somehow simplicity seems to fail this man.  Maybe if he was not so concerned about insulting those he included in his daughter’s wedding list he would be able to understand how Iran has not been real friendly to America for a long time and maybe he could remember basic things like the S.S. Cole, The Twin Towers, Libya and the marine barracks.

In addition to Kerry’s memory issues he also states how he does not know if Obama will obey the law if Congress defeats the Iran deal.  That alone should be reason to defeat the deal.  I would be amazed at this statement if it was not for the total lack of respect Obama has had for both Congress and our legal system.  I thought Obama was supposed to support the laws of the land and not pick the ones he wanted to support.  If Obama chooses to go directly against Congress and the American people with the Iran deal he would have just gone full dictator on this nation.  (There is another word which comes to mind when I think as to how Obama has been doing to this nation but I decided to include the ‘tator’ in order to keep things family oriented).  I truly, personally, believe Obama does not even begin to think before he picks up his famous pen except for what might produce more Democrat voters in the next election.  I wonder if there will be enough of a Republic left after Obama to even have another election.

Now we have Planned Parenthood caught on tape talking about how they sell baby body parts like an auto chop shop.  Livers and organs are parsed out for payments like the local meat market selling pork chops.  In addition to the tapes which have been coming to the surface has also been quotes from the founder of Planned Parenthood and how her purpose was to kill off as many black babies as possible because it was good for the country.  How can anyone remotely still stand behind Planned Parenthood.  As long as I remember PP has been nothing short of a mill for abortions.  I truly do not remember anything dealing with them other than a simple way for someone to end a pregnancy easily and quickly.  Now it seems like the world knows what PP has been doing with all those dead babies.

As I was listening to the spokesperson for the White House I find myself trying to keep my blood pressure at bay.  The man truly has not even been a good liar lately.  I would not want his job for any salary.  Some time you have got to stop and look yourself in the mirror.  I do not know how anyone could keep feeding the party line as much as he does and sleep at night.  I am reminded of another famous political party who every time negative things would surface they would counter with telling the people how it was all lies.  Everything heard out there was lies.  The leader was seen as great and his vision for the country was perfect and inspired.  People need to just trust them more and give the leaders more power to do more things.  Must I keep reminding people what the name of that party was all the time?  Do people really have that short of memories?  Are people really that ignorant?  People are more concerned over the death of a Lion than they are the death of our nation.  People are more worked up over the idea that a confederate flag flies somewhere than they are our nation’s image has taken a dive.  People are being shown a sideshow and they are watching the pretty ball and not the magician’s hands as he is doing his trickery.  It is not absurd to compare present day America with Hitler’s Germany of the 30’s.  We have already passed the USSR of the 60’s.  It used to be that America was a nation based upon Christian values where people prayed and worshipped openly.  Now it is Russia which is open while more and more Christian activities are targeted and shutdown.  Christianity is targeted while Islam is protected and promoted.  Now in America people have to be concerned about what they say and do in private because the government is watching and listening.  Now in America people are taxed beyond their abilities.  Now in America unemployment is sky rocketing.  Now in America the elected leadership is so corrupt it makes the mob leaders of old Chicago look like Sunday school teachers at a summer picnic.  As you listen to the few remaining survivors of Hitler’s Germany they speak in fear remembering what it was like growing up under Hitler and seeing history repeating itself.

People need to wake up and wise up.  I love it when people attack my work.  They do not know that I do not write anything that has not been researched or already proven.  FEMA is able to take over and set the Constitution aside under national emergency.  Obama has set things up for national emergencies on every side.  People need to take time to read and think for themselves.  America has been great.  I just hope that the old Lady Liberty still has enough kick left in her breeches to keep going for a few more years.  It is time to hitch up your skivvies and get ready because I am afraid the doo doo is about ready to hit the fan.


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