America needs to get its priorities back in line.  There are so many issues facing America today that admittedly it is difficult to sort them all in some degree of order.  There is the economy which is still reeling in unemployment.  Security is upside down.  Environmentalists are able to push regulation and legislation that drives businesses to close or form in other countries because it cost too much to remain in America.  Minimum wage is being raised and benefits forced to be paid by employers to where the small business person is forced to close their doors.  The IRS gets away with targeting citizens over political beliefs.  Veterans die while waiting for care in the Veteran’s Administration system while illegal immigrants are able to go to the emergency room of their choice knowing there would be full payments made for their care.  The border is as porous as a sieve.  Iran is now looking at having an approved nuclear program.  Racial relations in America are worse than they have been in decades.  ISIS and radical Islam are issuing new threats it seems like on a weekly basis.  Our service men and women are being gunned down while on base and recruitment centers while the Pentagon just tells them to not wear their uniforms and keep the blinds pulled shut.  Our Constitutional system is being used against us by people who have studied it more than most of the people sitting in Congress.  Our national debt is now virtually untouchable with it increasing by millions each week in interest alone.  Our administration openly promotes the very religion that is killing innocent people by droves across the globe yet all the time refusing to admit that it has anything to do with religion.  At times I wonder if there has actually been a Zombie Apocalypse because the only logical conclusion is that the people in charge have lost their brains somewhere in the crisis.

As a problem solver one basic exercise was to outline which things were connected and which ones had a cause and effect element so that you could begin to form some sort of a flow chart.  If there were some issues which created a deeper concern by creating a greater problem then those issues needed to be addressed first.   Race relations have been thrust into the forefront due to politics.  The problem with race relations is that there are so many people who want to destroy America and Americans that these idiots who think that they have been so abused over the decades need to realize that if groups like ISIS and other radical Islamic factions get their way in the homeland that the murdering butchers are not going to feel sorry for anyone.  The radical groups are going to be killing everyone in their path.  So racial issues need to take a back seat and people need to just grow up regarding these things because if the terrorists have their way there will be no more racial tensions because there will be no more race.  The goal of the radial is to kill everyone who does not agree with them.  This usually does not leave too many people to experience racial tension afterwards.

Environmental concerns are important because there must be clean air to breath and water to drink.  We only have one environment and have not quite mastered the art of creating a new one yet.  Environmental issues are significant for many things but personally I have yet to see a salmon pay one bill or turn on my lights.  I would therefore have to place environmental issue below the direct people issues.  The environment is important but if there are no people the environment does not mean very much.  The economy is a major concern because if people do not have jobs then they do not have money.  If they do not have money then people do not eat nor do they have means by which to pay rent, etc.  So the economy is fairly high on the list of importance.  But security seems to take lead in the list.  While the economy is figured extremely high on the priorities, if the nation is in total turmoil or civil war or under terrorist attack either foreign or domestic, it really does not matter if there is a working economy because the number one prior for everyone will be survival.  Personally, if I were to create a list of national priorities I would have to place national security as number one.

Political jabber mouths love to talk about national security for hours upon end yet actually say nothing of substance.  This is where it is good to get rid of the political idiots who have their fancy degrees in political science, something which in my thinking is about as beneficial as an utter on a boar hog, and we need to talk to people with a doctorate in common sense.  If you want to protect your home you do not leave the front door open when you are away.  You do not allow just anyone and everyone to come in at all hours day and night.  You also usually have some sort of deterrent set up for those who want to violate the rules of your home, who wish to take advantage of your home or harm you while in your home.   Last I knew lecturing someone about how it would harm their reputation if they robbed and killed you was not a great defensive strategy.  Practical common sense says that national security must be addressed with direct attention towards protecting the homeland.  The border must be secured.  This is not to keep people for whom America was formed away.  This is not to keep those who seek freedom and a safe home from coming in.  But there must be some way to keep the murdering gangs and cartels out.  Another form of common sense thinking says that law enforcement cannot be everywhere for everyone.  I cannot depend upon being able to call 911 if I have someone kicking in my door.  I am my first line of defense.  America was never built upon the idea of having someone else doing everything for you.  Americans were always pro-active.  It is only recently that Americans have been brain washed into thinking that we have to sit back while waiting for someone else to take care of us.

The government has proven that it is incapable of taking care of national security due to its being too deep in political concerns over who is or is not going to vote a certain way in the next election.  The government has betrayed the people.  The present government is no longer worthy to be called the American government or the government of the people.  It sends billions of tax payer dollars into countries that support the same mentality as those who are sending weekly death threats to our nation.  Our government appears more concerned with protecting Islam, which is the core of the radical butchers, than it is protecting innocent lives.  Our government talks about needing to send forces to fight groups like ISIS, while also including such a prohibitive set of rules and regulations that the soldier must first ask permission to kill the enemy.  The same government that was once formed to be a service and sacrifice has become a parasite drawing from the people rather than representing the people.

At times in establishing priorities it is best found to seek the simplest solution.  Security is obviously a priority without which all other issues become mute.  It has become clear that the Pentagon is no longer representing the needs of the soldier by their great words of wit and wisdom of just keep the blinds shut so that no one will shoot at you.  The government has proven to be at best treasonous towards the nation, the people, national concerns and issues, and the American way of life.  Therefore the simplest conclusion might be the best conclusion.  If there is to be national security it is up to the people.  During World War II the Japanese never attacked our shore because they knew that every American was going to be armed.  We must return to this mentality.  In many locations it is the average American who is taking up arms to defend the military recruiting centers because the Pentagon have failed to do their duties due to politics.  In many cities where concealed carry weapons have increased crime has decreased.  It was not the overworked law enforcement which accomplished this fact but the presence of an unseen firearm that makes the bad guy think twice before doing something stupid.  If there is to be an increase in national security it must be up to the people.  It will be the average American citizen who will provide that security.  It will be up to the armed American who will be the deterrent for groups like ISIS and radical Islam.  It will be the armed citizen who will be the front line of defense against the radical and nut job who wants to shoot up a mall in the name of their religion while waiting for law enforcement to be able to respond.  It will be the armed citizen who will slash the numbers of those who have been able to be hurt by the radical as opposed to what it would have been had there been to resistance.

There is an old adage that simply says:  If it is to be, it is up to me.  Never has this been more true than it is presently in the light of the priority need of national security.  A concealed weapon is called ‘concealed’ for a reason.  It is nothing that is to be displayed, nor is it to be a topic of discussion.  It is a concealed weapon.  The only time that a concealed weapon should no longer be a concealed weapon should be when the bad guy has forced the issue.   Personally, I know there are signs everywhere saying how this place and that place is a ‘gun free zone’.  We have also seen how well those signs have worked in keeping the bad guys with guns away.  Personally, I would rather be safe than sorry.  I would hate the idea that a member of my family was killed because I allowed a sign stop me from doing my duty of protecting them.


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