Dear Pentagon


I have read your reply regarding the present movement of American armed citizens guarding Armed Forces Recruitment Sites.  I have read how you are opposed to such things.  I have read your negative response.  But I also have seen your inability to protect our service men and women.  You talk a real good line about protecting and caring for the service person yet you lie through your teeth.  Many of us have seen indirectly if not directly how well you stood behind the service person during Vietnam.  Many of us have seen in one way or another how many of the noble employees of the Pentagon sacrificed soldier after soldier in order to get extra spaces on their resume.  Many of us remember just how bloody those resumes were and the lack of any military conscious by those who carried said resumes.  You want to throw our service men and women again under the military bus for the sake of political correctness only the American people are not going to tolerate it this time.  As long as recruitment sites are on public lands there will be private citizens there to protect our service men and women because they do not represent statistics and numbers to us.  They represent brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers.  They are not just a commodity to be thrown about and if it is spilt then it gets cleaned up like a call for a mop on isle 13 at some supermarket.  We care about our service people where it has been made clear that the Pentagon is simply interested in the orders from a treasonous administration which cares more about the enemy than it does its own people.

The American people have no more toleration for those of the Pentagon who want to order our men and women to simply not wear their uniforms.  They joined the military because they were proud of that uniform.  You who make the decisions at the Pentagon are nothing more than disgusting nauseating politicians willing to sacrifice the blood and bone of our young for your soft offices.  You may not care about the threat level seen against our service people but the average citizen does and we do not care about your opinion.

You may yell, scream, call us names, and do whatever you are going to do but you are going to find that your power is diminishing.  The citizenry of this nation is fed up with you and your political games.  Your inability to stand up for what is right has been noted.  Your inability to tell others who would threaten this nation that they are on notice is also on record.  Many of you are an insult to the uniform you wear.  I dare you to get out of your wonderful air-conditioned offices and put yourself back in the line of fire and see how long you remain politically correct.


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