Is the Vietnam Monument next

Vietnam monument

By act of the United States Congress soldiers from both sides of the Mason/Dixon line are American veterans.  It does not matter if they were Confederate or Union they are now recognized as American veterans.  Now because a bunch of whiners who are offended because of their view of the Confederacy is not seen as politically correct they are demanding that all monuments dealing with the Confederacy are threaten with being torn down.  In reality is nothing different than ISIS going into an area and destroying all of history that does not align with their preapproved records and views.

If these whiny liberals get their way and destroy all, or even any, of the Confederate monuments what is going to be next?  I remember the ruckus that was here in the States during the Vietnam War.  Many people did not like the War.  They have their view as to what the war was about while others have a different view.  Many have a perverted view of the war which is largely held by the liberal masses that were never in the war nor even bothered to truly learn about the war from those who were there.  If the whiny liberals get their way over the Confederate monuments will the Vietnam Wall be next?  What about the Korean War monument or other war monuments?

There is a movement in the nation presently that pushes if something is seen by a group that is able to whine the loudest as not being politically correct then it can be deemed as evil and therefore removed.  Again, this is the same mentality as ISIS as it takes hammers to priceless historical artifacts.  History does not care if you like it because the facts are that you must accept it.  Just because someone wants to destroy any connection to a historical fact does not remove it.  Their efforts will only drive the dedication of those who are connected with that point of history deeper.

This constant recognition of the whiny side of the liberal forces has given rise to street gangs pushing anarchy.  There are groups of black youth thugs beating on old people just because they are white and nothing is being done to protect the elderly.  When did our laws lose their ability to be color blind or worse yet, become racist in protection one race while ignoring actions and harm done to another?  Other groups of mental midgets, no offence intended to real midgets, are invading private property to remove the Confederate flag simply because they do not like it.  What if someone did not like your Ford or Jeep?  Would they be allowed to go onto your private property to destroy it?  This must stop before someone gets killed!

Our Presidents, many of his appointees, many of those in Congress, and other political figures lead the pack of the whiners.  They are offended at anything and everything.  It is time that people grew up.  It is time that people stopped carrying their emotions on their sleeves where every time the wind blows there is something else that offends them.  When my generation was growing up and we whined about this person or that person saying something that bothered us the reply was to grow up and deal with it.  Our liberal leaders need to grow up.  They need to shut up.  They need to learn to deal with the fact that not everyone is going to bow down to them and kiss their feet.  They need to learn that history does not care if they like it.  History is the trump card.  History is never going away.  History stands and towers over the whiny liberals in total domination because history will always stand long after the whiny liberals have returned to dust.


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