How important is a President

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I have heard it said that the office of the President is a figurehead position.  I would highly disagree.  The office of the President is extremely influential in nature if nothing else.  If the President is corrupt then all of his appointees will be corrupt.  If the appointees are corrupt then the Supreme Court Justices will be corrupt.  If the Supreme Court Justices are corrupt then decisions will be made not according to law or the Constitution but according to a preset agenda and predetermined direction of decision making.  If appointees are corrupt then the Attorney General will be corrupt.  If the Attorney General is corrupt then there will be both pressure as well as direct instructions that investigations and direction of focus will be according to a particular goal.  Some things will not receive proper attention because it is contrary to that goal while other things will receive extreme scrutiny until enough evidence is found or twisted in order to support a predetermined outcome.  The needs of the public will not be served and a particular course of interest will be established.

How important are the beliefs of a President?  It has always been the thought that the personal beliefs of a President are private and are not the interest of the general public.  But that is not the case.  If the beliefs of the President are so strong that he establishes his agendas, goals, and priorities above all else then those beliefs are a priority concern.  Many Presidents have had strong belief systems but they were, if anything, helpful in providing guidance to the President’s decisions.  If the President has a belief system that shuts out all other priorities besides this beliefs then he is no longer the President of the United States but rather has become the leader of that particular group and is forcing the rest of the nation to follow.  If the President has a personal belief which promotes power rather than humility then that President is going to seek to dominate rather than to lead through humble example.  A President who seeks to dominate eventually tries to force his will upon others create an air of dictator rather than a leader.  A dictator is not a leader.  A dictator does not desire to lead.  A dictator simply desires to tell others what to believe and how to act.  There is no leading required if the power of the President comes from orders from a sense of superiority rather than humble reflection upon the needs and concerns of the people.  A dictator tells the people what their needs and concerns should be rather than listening.  A dictator sees no need to listen since they believe they already know what is best for the people.

America has had some of the greatest leaders in history.  They have led by example in the battlefield.  They have led by example through humility.  They have led by example through listening to the average person.  They have led by example through having struggled themselves to become the person of greatness that others have recognized.  America has lost that cornerstone.  America, for the first time no longer has a President of honor, of the people, of humility, of a listening ear, or of compassion.  America has a President who is determined that he knows what is best for the nation regardless of the desires of the people or their concerns.  His agenda is established by a select few who has a predetermined goals as to what American shall become.  For the first time it appears that America no longer has a President but a dictator.


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