Polite civil disobedience


First of all I want to establish that I have extreme respect for all the laws of our land.  I have two brothers who are retired law enforcement and volunteer at the local police department myself.  I do believe that our legal system has been hijacked by politics.  This hijacking has left our military at home sitting ducks with a law which strips our military on base and off base locations such as recruiting offices unarmed.  These are people who have been highly trained in firearms but somehow seen as incapable of handling a one at certain times and locations.  The recent murder of our servicemen and the attack which left even more fighting for their lives has thrown this issue into the limelight.

People are angry over Obama’s inability to connect the actions of the Kuwaiti born gunman to terrorism.  Obama has consistently remained protective towards Islam denying even the very existence of radical Islam and refusing to admit that Islamist murder in the name of Islam.  It is time to stop expecting what is never going to happen.  Our President will continue to protect and bow to please Islam.  Obama’s statement praising the end of Ramadan on the very day that a madman with Islamic connections attacks Americans on American soil simply goes to show his priorities.  Whether this administration ever acknowledges the existence of radical Islam or not is truly no longer an issue for public safety.  It is up to the people and the people know that radical Islam exists and has vowed to kill Americans.

There is a major difference between polite civil disobedience and anarchy.  Anarchy has no regards for anything or anyone.  Anarchy only has the goal to destroy.  Polite civil disobedience can actually be accomplished with no one even knowing that it is happening.  I am referring to gun free zones and the use of concealed carry weapons.  The term concealed carry means that it is not seen or even known that a person is carrying a firearm.  A gun free zone sign is nothing more than a banner declaring that an area is an open soft target unprotected and vulnerable.  A number of the gun free zones might have a security guard for an appearance of safety but for the most part that security officer is also unarmed.  Additionally even if he is armed, one person against an armed assault probably will not mean too much if a young and untried security guard freezes under attack.

The time has come for all good people to carry their firearm with them anywhere and everywhere they go.  The media talking heads wants people to think that the more people who are carrying weapons will only result in more accidental shootings.  I truly think that if these people would ever know just how many people in southern territories were carrying a concealed weapon without having an accident it would make them soil themselves.  It is time for both the North and the South to join forces because the Mason/Dixon line is no respecter of terrorism.  It is time for legal gun owners across this nation to carry their firearm.  Keep in mind that it is called ‘concealed carry’ for a reason.  This means you keep it covered, out of sight unless it is desperately needed, and you do not talk about your weapon.  If a person cannot keep their mouth shut regarding having a firearm on them then they have no business carrying a firearm.  To those people a firearm is still a giggly little toy that you snicker about having with your friends in the corner of the recess yard.  To them it is a kin to a 3rd grader who has slipped dad’s Playboy under his coat before running off to school so that he could appear bigger than life to his little friends.

A concealed weapon may be likened to the Scottish Sgian Dubh.   The Highlanders would wear a small knife concealed in the top of their sock to be used as a last ditch weapon.  A concealed carry firearm is only to be used if there is a direct threat to the owner’s life or the lives of those in his presence.  I believe it would be safe to say that 99.9% of the time that the weapon would never be removed from its holster.  It is that .01% of a time that makes that firearm a requirement.  There are many businesses that hold a dogmatic opinion against firearms.  In the case that a person is required to use his or her concealed carry firearm to stay alive, there is a strong possibility that the person will be fired from that company.  A good question is whether or not that employee really wants to remain employed in a company that holds such a low opinion of the lives of their employees.  Any company that holds any real concern for their employees should permit legal concealed carry.  This is a Constitutional right which is often joined with a State provided permit signed by the local law enforcement authorities.  The concealed carry individual has been vetted more completely than most of the people who go into the White House on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

It is time for polite civil disobedience.  It is time for certain laws to be ignored.  It is time for the people to start taking more active action rather than to simply be a sitting duck for the next madman.  Law enforcement is unable to protect against actions of terrorism and radical Islam since there is no warning given.  It is time for the public to prepare for these attacks.  Only if the public is armed and ready to defend against the terrorist madman will law enforcement even have time in which to intervene.  It is up to the public to provide that front line of defense.  It is up to the public to provide the opportunity for the initial response time which law enforcement must have if they are to be able to do their sworn duties.  Law enforcement cannot be everywhere at all times.  This is impossible.  But if there are trained people with legal concealed carry firearms then there is an opportunity for law enforcement to be able to respond.  The front line of national defense is not the government, not the military, not the National Guard, and not local law enforcement; the front line of national defense is the general public.


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