Witch Trials of 2015

salem witch trials

The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 resulted with 19 men and women being hung, one pressed to death and others condemned under the accusation of witchcraft.  Many of the accused were upstanding citizens of the community and leaders in both commerce and the church.  These trials were based upon the testimony of children who were ‘acting differently’ and who claimed that they had witnessed the various accused for being a witch.  There was no real evidence except for the testimony that the accused had ‘caused great hurt’.  It did not matter what the accused had to say because the minds of the courts were already made up regarding the decisions.  It was the belief of the courts that the ‘children’ would not and could not lie therefore they must be speaking the truth.

What we are seeing today is nothing more than a repeat of the Salem Witch Trials.  The only difference is that instead of being accused of being a witch people, places and things are accused of being ‘racist’.  It does not matter what the truth may be because the ‘courts’ have already decided.  The rational is that because there was slavery in the south therefore anything and everything associated with the Confederate States must be therefore pro-slavery and anti-black.  Anything and everything remotely associated with the south must therefore be racist.

It did not matter that the children may have been acting differently because of bad rye.  Mold may be found in some rye breads like those eaten in the 1600’s.  This mold is called ergot and contains some of the same chemical compositions as those used in making LSD.  This mold is able to produce convulsions, nervous disorders and hallucinations.  But the people of the 1600’s were ignorant to the true reason why their children might be acting oddly.  Therefore they simply took what the children said as true.  Today we know better yet our society still accepts what a particular portion says as true regardless of the real facts.  As in the Salem Witch Trials it does not matter what the accused has to say since the minds of the courts of public opinion have already decided their fate.  Much like the accused of the Witch Trials, the accused of today are dead and gone and cannot speak for themselves but as in the trials it would not matter what the accused might say because no one cared to listen.

History can and does speak against this craziness that is sweeping our nation.  History will speak to the defense of many of the Confederate leaders as not being the racist animals which organizations such as the NAACP wants to portray.  These organizations which promote segregation through its own separatist movement as seen through the Miss Black America Beauty Pageant, the United Negro College Fund, and black television networks are the ones screaming racism.  Just like the child witnesses of the witch it is easier to focus the charge upon others in an effort to defocus inspection of themselves.  In order to not have to answer difficult questions which might implicate their own questionable actions, which is most highly probable that the child witnesses were not as innocent as portrayed, the organizations and people of modern society which must keep racism alive in order for them to have any meaning and existence.

People like the mayor of Baltimore, the Al Sharpton clones, the Black Panthers, the NAACP and many who fly the banner of the Democrat Party have the blood of racism on their hands yet try to stand as innocent witnesses crying against the evil characters of the Confederacy.  Just like during the days of the Witch Trials the voices of the witness falls upon the ears of the ignorant and those more than willing to execute regardless of the facts.  Just like in the Witch Trials fear of ever having their own sins found out makes them only scream louder whenever there is any light shone upon their own guilt.

During the days of the Salem Witch Trials there does not have to be any proof of any injury only the accusation of being ‘hurt’.  Today it seems like everyone is ‘offended’ by something.  During the Witch Trials the children were seen as the innocent of incapable of telling a lie.  Today, the loudest voices providing witness of being ‘hurt’ come from radical members of the black community.  There is a mentality that a ‘black’ witness must be speaking the truth.  It does not matter what anyone else may be saying or doing.  If the witness is black and is speaking of hurt and racism then it must be true and nothing else matters.  No other voice is to be heard.  No other race can experience racism.  No other race is capable of racism except for white people.  It is a one sided court and the decision has been made regarding the guilt of the accused.  Bones are being dug up, signs removed, names changed, and statues defaced and even private property stolen because the court has made up its mind.

Just as society looks at the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and wonders how a group could be so ignorant as to murder innocent people over corrupt witnesses, society will one day look at the events of 2015 with the same amazement.  They will one day wonder how people could be so ignorant as to be led against racism by those saturated in the blood of racism.  One day society will look upon the actions of today and cry out against the bigotry and prejudice which denied history and facts because their minds were made up and closed to any real thought and critical consideration.  One day the actions of 2015 will be seen as a great scar upon the face of a nation and a people just like the Salem Witch Trails will be seen as an action of fear, ignorance and hatred for anything which might be different.  The only real question which remains is whether or not that society would be the one in which we live.


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