Stars and bars versus Swastika

swastika and souther flag

I am beyond tired of hearing stupid people spout off stupid things.  This emotional witch hunt surrounding the Confederate Battle Flag (it is not the Confederate flag; it is the Confederate BATTLE flag).  People are as caught up in an emotional purge as the Pilgrims were in Salem to purge their society of what they saw as witchcraft.  What is happening has not real basis in reality or even history.  Yet a few spokes people who are able to hook into the emotions of the less learned have been able to whip up hysteria.

The Confederate side of the Civil War was there because of the federal government telling the States what they will and will not permit.  I have heard some of the more self-righteous explain how that the federal government was trying to stop was the State’s practice of slavery and not State’s Rights.  But, the States had a right to self-govern as per the Constitution and THAT was the issue.  I know that the liberal side of things do not like hearing the word Constitution, but it exists, has existed and hopefully will continue to exist.  For the liberals to want to remove the Constitution is much like the brat in school who wants the big kid removed because of some silly reason not realizing that the big kid was the only reason why the rest of the kids in that class have not pummeled the brat kid into non-existence.  The Constitution is the only thing which keeps America free of the same civil wars and unrest the other countries experience on a regular basis.  I would highly advise the liberals to LEAVE IT ALONE.

I hear people get up and call the flags by the wrong names. This to many might be a small matter but if these so called experts are going to stand before America and spout their words and wisdom and knowledge then they need to not be ignorant and not sound like a complete moron.  Stop calling it the Confederate Flag.  The Confederate Flag and the Confederate Battle Flag are two completely different things.  This emotional hype must stop.  People are now going on to private property to remove private property such as personally owned flags.  Someone is going to get hurt or killed.  If you see someone on your property approaching your home in the middle of the night you have no idea their intention and will defend your home.  If someone is seen approaching your truck or car in the middle of stopped traffic do not be surprised if someone puts it in reverse and runs them over and then takes off because in today’s society you have no idea their intent.  The blood of these stupid people will be on the politicians who are engaging in this dumb game.  People must use their heads although I know that is almost impossibility to many of our elected officials.

I have heard of idiots comparing the Stars and Bars to the Swastika.  This is ridiculous.  There were thousands of black men who proudly served in battle hardened fully equipped units under the banner of the South.  I dare anyone to show me any Jews who served under the banner of the Swastika.  This is infuriating because it just goes to show the level of total ignorance and complete stupidity of those who are pushing this agenda.

I am surprised how many who are part of this witch hunt are self-righteous Democrats.  Before going off on a crusade to dig up all the members of the Southern leadership for being racists, be willing to start digging up every Democrat prior to 1900.  The Democrat Party of the Civil War time was an extremely racist party.  It was pro-slavery and opposed everything to do with the freeing of the slaves.  There was no Democrat support for freed slaves neither to become citizens nor to have a right to vote.  The Democrats infiltrated the KKK and used them to terrorize blacks and anti-slave whites in the area.  These are facts.  History does not care if you like it or not because all that concerns history is that you must accept it.  The sanctimonious talking heads who want to remove any leaders of the Confederate States must also be willing to remove from all schools, street signs, cities, counties, public parks, every cemetery and form of mental memories every remnant of Democrat Presidents such as Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, and Grover Cleveland, every States person, every governor, every party leader, every business person and every political figure associated with the Party because they also would be even more deeply ingrained with a racist movement.  At least in the South there were many who cared for their black fellow Southern.  I cannot find too many in the early Democrat movement who had any positive regard for the newly freed black person.  For those involved with this so called movement against racism, I find their complete and all-encompassing hypocrisy sickening.

I had hoped that our society had grown beyond the Salem Witch Trails but I guess I am mistaken.  These emotional puppeteers simply lead a few and the rest of the sheep follow.  I also had hoped that there might be a few in leadership positions who have at least a couple neurons that could fire off some kind of mental functions.  But again I stand amiss.  I am ashamed of how gullible this nation has become.  We were the greatest nation in the world and to have descended to the level where all it takes it a good snake oil sales person and slick words and the people run in mass to buy their bottles.  What are we doing?


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