This foolishness must stop

civil war era Democrat party

Now political leaders are talking about digging up the dead who were leaders of the Confederacy.  The rational for this lunacy is the slavery mantra.  If they want to do this then let us do it right.  Remember that the Democrat Party was formed for the purpose of counteracting the Republicans on the slavery issue.  They were seen as the ‘white man’s party’ while the Republicans was seen as too much controlled by the black man.  Now those of the Democrat Party like to say how they changed their ways in 1900.  While I question this sudden change of heart, I will grant it for now.  So what the proponents of the Democrat Party, many of whom are pushing for the purge of street and ground of anything that was pro-slavery, are admitting that prior to 1900 that the Democrat Party was pro-slavery.  This means than all Presidents who were Democrats prior to 1900 must also be purged.  All schools, street names, statues, pictures, burial sites, etc must be cleansed of their pro-slavery stench.  This list will include:  Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, and Grover Cleveland.  This is just a short list of Presidents.  This has not touched any Democrats prior to 1900 where were part of any of the Houses of Congress, governors, or any other political positions.  This also does not include any people of business where were associated with the Democrat Party prior to that time or any other statesmen.  Do I need to continue?

Let us get real.  This whole purge mentality has nothing to do with slavery.  It has nothing to do with the Civil War.  It has nothing to do with anything but a big push right now to appease the radical black community.  If it was anything more than mere window dressing first of all the spokes people for this movement would know more history than is obvious they are accustomed.  Secondly, the last thing any Democrat would be doing would be getting on this bandwagon of anti-slavery rhetoric.  The governments have been able to sink their hooks into the emotions of people and are digging them in as far as the people will permit.  But, if anyone is determined to scream about evil and claims to be pure, just be prepared for what you might find out about your own backyard.  Enough is enough.

I call for the people to put an end to this foolishness.  If anyone of your city or locality wants to start digging people up I would demand to see the laws followed to the letter.  Then, if they are still able to do so, I would like to see the people form such a barricade that no one can get to the gravesite.  Who are they going to stop with once they begin?  Are they going to dig up your relative next because they might have been overheard having a racist conversation?  When are they going to start digging up people like Malcom X who is seen as an extreme bigot and racist against the whites?  When are they going to dig up the blacks who joined in many areas the KKK (bet you did not know that one?..’The Klu Klux Spirit’ by A.J. Rogers, 1920).  When are they going to dig up the Democrats who formed the KKK in the south?  It is up to the people to stop this extreme over reach of the government.  What are these people planning to do with the bones once they remove them?  Are they going to burn them to rid the community of their spirit?  Think people, THINK!!!!!

What we are seeing is worse than the Salem Witch trials.  Just because someone does not like the way another person acted, lived, or spoke they are going to have them burned, removed, and sown to the four corners of the winds.  We are an intelligent people (or at least used to be).  It is up to the people to stop this because politicians and the government have yet to prove that they will ever stop anything once they get started.  If the people do not stop this madness now there will not be a safe person, place, time or event that will not be an offense to someone somewhere somehow.


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