San Francisco is a liberal failure

san fran

The recent murder in San Francisco has created a firestorm of political dodging.  The mayor is blaming the sheriff.   The sheriff is blaming the Department of Homeland Security.  I am waiting to see who the DHS is going to blame.  The bottom line is that the murder in San Francisco is proof that liberalism does not work.  All the rhetoric this comes out of this city tends to be nauseating at best.  San Francisco is an example for many other liberal cities that want to throw laws, rules, and restrictions out the window except for when it is able to promote the liberal agenda.  The murder in this city is evidence that these cities need to stop believing in unicorns and start dealing in reality.

San Francisco is a sanctuary city.  This means if a person is able to make it to this city after entering the nation illegally has an extremely low threat of being deported.  It is like playing tag when you are a kid and can make it to home base where you are safe.  The simple problem with this mentality is that the blanket approach does not work.  You have good people who want to flee the cartels of Mexico since Mexico is incapable of proving security for its citizens, but you also have many of those same cartels finding these cities fertile ground to set up shop.  This then provides the seeds for a corrupt and vile structure that rest just below the visible level of the city.  Like with so many other large cities what people swoon over the appearance and posh, do not go digging too deep or venture too far from the main streets because the ugly undercurrent is not far away.

This murder is also a slap down to the ant-gun movement.  The person who committed the murder was carrying a stolen weapon from a federal agent.  So much of the anti-gun line is how there must be tighter background checks which would keep the bad people from getting guns.  Common sense has always said that illegal people will always get illegal guns.  The only ones affected by any and all gun laws are those who abide by the law and are not a concern for law enforcement.  After so many murders where a firearm is used the anti-gun people are out in droves using it to as much political agenda is able to be stacked upon the dead involved.  No one even wants to touch the murder in San Francisco because it proves that, in one of the tightest areas to own and carry a firearm, the bad people can still get a firearm.  The hypocrisy of Obama rings loud and clear in this murder.  He had something to say at the recent murders as an opportunity to blast gun ownership and the need for tighter gun restrictions.  But with the victim being a white woman murdered with a weapon obtained illegally by an illegal alien, the President is notable silent.  This represents everything he seems to want to avoid.

Over the past few years the Department of Homeland Security, ICE, Border Patrol and other agencies with the responsibility to deal with deportation and regulation of illegals in this county has been hamstrung.  Orders have been given from higher ups to basically not do their jobs.  Emails and other forms of official communications have been revealed indicating how the officer on the street who has the main interaction with offenders is kept from doing that which they are sworn to do.   The soft approach that this administration wants to force upon law enforcement with kinder gentler uniforms, more sensitive approach to communications, and what might as well as tulips in their holsters rather than their firearm, has been the goal of this administration and DOES NOT WORK.

People want to know who is to be blamed for the death of Kathryn Steinle the young woman who was cut down at a young age of 32.  That answer is found in an extremely huge blanket.  This blanket covers all who adhere to the liberal mentality.  It is a blanket that covers everyone who believes that anything negative and punitive restricts the productive imagination of the angelic.  It is a blanket that covers all those who believe that rules are a downer and should never be allowed to restrict anything.  It is a blanket that covers all those who believe that law enforcement should be kept under tight and extreme control because it just hinders people’s expression.  It is a blanket that covers from the mayor’s office of the city, through the law enforcement offices that did not arrest a known felon, to the Department of Homeland Security, over to Washington D.C. and eventually the White House because the ‘buck stops there’.  It is a blanket that has been woven with the emails and communications restricting law enforcement from doing their jobs.  It is a blanket on the loom of the mentality that everyone is permitted and no one should be deported.  It is a blanket with the thread of a mentality that votes permits everything and should be restricted by nothing.  It is a blanket that starts with every citizen in San Francisco who could have stood up against the sanctuary city idea and did not do so.  It is a blanket that ends with every official who knew what their oath was but chose an elevated office in a political system over the law.  Who is to blame?  Look in the mirror and if you see someone who has chosen silence over speaking out regarding political over reach; if you see a person who has chosen to patronize places that demands rather than tries to earn respect; if you see a person who chooses to look the other way rather than get involved in issues that might leave you unpopular; if you see a person who has adopted the ‘live and let live’ mentality of the progressive; if you see a person who believes that the only answer to the criminal element is tighter gun laws against the law abiding; I am afraid that the blanket also covers you.


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