cry baby

When did we become a nation of whiners and wimps?    We have had nut jobs shooting things up for years.  They have all claimed various agendas.  When Fort Hood what shot up I do not remember anyone wanting all the mosques removed because it was the symbol of slaughtering of millions throughout the years under the yoke of Islam.  But our nation has gotten on this new kick where we do not want to offend the blacks.  And this actually does not include all blacks because many within the black communities are as angry at the rest of the nation at the looters and rioters that are being protected in the name of ‘racial oppression’.  If you really want to learn about racial oppression talk to the American Indian.  Last I knew there were no slaves given small pox infested blankets by the government in an attempt to eradication them from the face of the earth.

But everyone seems to be on the politically correctness kick of protecting the blacks from any real need to be responsible or to hold to real history.  So now everything related to the South is being dug up and removed.  I listened to the whining woman from South Carolina as to how she went to the funeral of the Congressman who was murdered.  She sobbed through how she was tired of hearing about heritage and how she was related to Jefferson Davis.  My thinking is that if she had any of Davis’ DNA in her veins she would have bothered to learn about the Civil War and would know that the Battle Flag has nothing to do with ‘slavery’.  She would know that ‘slavery’ is not as portrayed by the liberals of today.  She would also know that if she really wanted to tear up and promote the getting rid of something which stood for slavery it would be the Democrat Party which was formed to counter the activities of the anti-slavery Republican Party.  But no, she sniffed her way through her discourse and there were either not enough people with spines left or they were all just too tired to care, in which case to not bother to represent American history if that is your excuse, that they passed their ridiculous bill to remove the Confederate Battle Flag.  Until there are going to be people with a spine to stand up and say enough is enough this craziness will continue.  Now they want to dig up Generals and their wives, remove statues and change street names.  How about removing the Democrat names from grade schools?

To all the whiners out there on the politically correct bandwagon, there are two things to say.  The first thing is that you will never, repeat never, remove history.  History is a fact that does not care if you like it or not.  It will never be removed.  The Civil War and all the aspects of the Civil War, and if you would dare to open your closed liberal minds for a moment you would also know that there were many good things that happened in the Civil War, will never fade away.  The second thing is that you will never, repeat never, remove the blood from the soil, names from the streets, bones from the earth, nor the cries from the air which permeate much of the secretively hidden as well as the highly public places in the south.

We have stopped being the land of the free and are a nation of people cowering in fear over being called names.  We no longer have real leaders and have people in offices hiding under their desks afraid to provide any real voice until they first poll everyone and see what the popular opinion is for that day.  We have become a people where truth in history gives way to political indoctrination for our children.

Representative Horne said how she was related to Jefferson Davis.  Well, lady, so am I.  She was offended by the flag.  Well I am offended at her lack of knowledge of real history.  They want to ban anything related to slavery.  Well then start by banning the Democrat Party which was formed to promote slavery and was primary factor in the forming if the KKK.  Next get rid of anything and everything to do with Islam since Islam still, to this day, practices slavery.  If they want to ban the Confederate Battle Flag which had proud black men fighting FOR the south, then I want to see every mosque banned from this nation.  I do not hear of too many Imam getting up and promoting America, life, liberty, the Constitution and our free way of life.  Where do other people’s feeling fit into this mix?  I am offended at the way the radicals are able to burn down businesses, kill people’s dreams and loot until the store is empty and not be prosecuted.  I am offended at the way that Black Panthers are able to call for the murder of police officers and not be accountable to the Attorney General.  I am offended at the hypocritical lies being told by our elected officials regarding slavery and the way the media spoon feeds those lies to the American people as the truth.  I am offended at a leadership and government where up is down, right is wrong, left is right, and good is bad and no one seems to have a backbone enough to say anything to the contrary.  I am offended at how our elected leaders are screaming against slavery of the south but are silent regarding the abusive child and immigrant labor which murdered so many in the building of the north.  I am offended as to how our government is pushing for reparations to the blacks for slavery when many of the present day blacks do not have any roots dating back to slavery.  Yet there are no talks of reparations to the American Indians who have to prove their lineage more solidly than a thoroughbred race horse just to be recognized.  I am offended at the way the Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and the silent majority has permitted this nation to become an insult to the blood of our Forefathers and the deaths on both sides of the Mason/Dixon line.  If you are going to be righteously indignant about slavery at least get your fact straight and stop being a major hypocrite about the matter.  To our elected officials:  EITHER BE REAL OR BE SILENT.




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