Dear elected leaders

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I have a Confederate flag belt buckle. I wear it proudly. I refer to it as my IQ test for people I meet. If someone is dogmatic about it being a racist symbol then I know that person is basically too stupid to be able to hold a conversation. Where has our country gone? What are we doing? We have schools and government buildings where people are evidently too confused to know which bathroom to use to they have it where they are gender neutral bathrooms. I guess as they say: Any port in a storm will do. Schools are teaching about transgender to children because I guess they do not have enough commonsense to know what sex they are any more. When people go to fill out an application or get a driver’s license and they have the boxes you check for gender are they going to have a third box labeled ‘don’t know’? If we cannot know what gender we are then I guess we are in a mess. I used to be back in the Stone Age that knowing what gender you were was something that was a fairly simple question. It is kind of like asking: Are you a ‘sitter’ or a ‘pointer’ when you have to go pee.
There was the murder of a young woman in San Francisco by an illegal alien. The President is blaming the Republicans. The city is a Sanctuary City which means illegals can run there and the city has agreed to not enforce any immigration laws evidently. Are we now at a place where we pick and choose which laws to enforce and which ones to ignore? This is insane. What ever happened to being responsible for your own actions? I want to stop this crazy train and get off! When there is a shooting the shooter is considered just a mentally disturbed individual overlooked by the system and the gun is blamed for the deaths. A child plans and murders another child and instead of being called a murderer he is seen as a poor innocent victim of a society that has enforced poverty. Somehow in our nation up has become down, right has become left, and right has become wrong. I had the privilege of working with Vietnam veterans during my time as a therapist. Many of them went to war leaving one nation and returning back to a totally different nation. What they saw then is exactly what we are seeing today. The only difference was that they had the change thrust upon them become home stood still in time in their eyes while gone and they suddenly saw the rapid changes where those of us here have been seeing things change more gradually. It is now just blaringly obvious and it is shocking.
The IRS, politicians and government officials get away with total and complete lawlessness while the average citizen has to fear being called in for an audit and forced to pay whatever the IRS happens to say that you owe. Police officers have to worry about being arrested for doing their jobs and arresting people. Criminals are able to burn down cities, loot stores and destroy other’s hopes and dreams while being called an oppressed people. Our President appears to be more interested in his golf game than the thousands being forced into life as a sex slave by radical Islam and ISIS. Our military has to go through a litmus test before being able to shoot at the enemy while our governmental leaders say that our forces are unable to defeat ISIS. I am totally confused as to just how our nation is able to dress itself in the mornings.
We have people in Congress who are afraid that the weight of the Navy is going to make Guam tip over. We have others who dress like some kind of 70’s pimp and they actually think they look classy. Others make statements along the line of: Who do you think I am…I am a queen. We have a President and First Lady who spends taxpayer money so quickly that they make King George and Marie Antoinette look like friends of the working class. Now people want a Constitutional Convention where they can have the power to change and rewrite the Constitution? I would not trust these people to fix me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, oops I guess that is now also considered racist, let alone touch the Constitution.
What is it going to take to restore sanity? How do these seemingly crazy idiots keep getting re-elected? At one time we use to have highly literate and well-read individuals in Congress but any more I believe our Congressional leaders need to put down their Archie and Jughead and pick up The Federalist Papers only I am afraid they would not understand the big words in the Federalist. Before these legislatures start making decisions to remove the Confederate flag because it is a divisive symbol of slavery they need to read up on REAL history and some of the soldiers of the south such as “Black Southerners in Gray” edited by Richard Rollins which speaks about the black men who proudly took up arms against the North. Before anyone calls Stonewall Jackson a racist needs to learn that he had over 3000 well equipped black troops under his leadership at Antietam. Issues such as people getting all emotionally worked up and then telling others what is right and wrong was what the Civil War was about and is happening all over again.
There has got to be good people who are willing to run for political office. There has got to be answers yet unseen that would help resolve the total stupidity that is evidenced by the ‘great minds’ which lead us today. There has got to be some way to resurrect commonsense. It is a sad day when a former Russian KGB agent such as Putin tells the world that America has abandoned God. Someone who has a gender change is labeled as brave while our servicemen and women barely make enough money to survive. We send our soldiers off to war to fight the enemy and then after they return they have to fight their own government to get the benefits promised to them. Government shells out countless millions to house illegals while veterans sleep on park benches and in cardboard boxes. I know that all sources of social media are monitored under the name of national security. So I try to be careful how far I push issues. I do know that something has to be done and be done soon. Our leaders with need to get their heads out of their butts and start acting like American leaders who have made an oath to protect the nation and the Constitution. Our leaders need to start acting like leaders and not like spoiled bratty children. Our leaders need to start acting at least like 4th graders which would be a major increase from what they are presently representing. There are plenty of tired and fed up Americans who can at least identify their own gender, know how to basically live within a budgeted and limited income, and who truly love and care about our country who demand that people grow up and start acting like leaders. King George learned that he could only push people so far. He learned that you can only ride on one’s high horse so long before getting knocked off of that horse. The people have shown great restraint thus far. Please, dear supposed leaders of this nation, learn from history!


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