Basic handbook for survival


In my opinion, we have a person in the White House who is nothing more than a disaster to America and wants to see all the historical traditions of this country gone.  I believe he is a traitor in that he has aided and abetted the enemy by allowing through the cover of covert operations arms and money to flow into ISIS hands.  I believe he has purposely barred the military from doing their duties in attacking and destroying ISIS and radical Islam through a network of rules and regulations for engagement.  Rules for engagement when dealing with a cancer like ISIS should be see the enemy kill the enemy.  I believe he has sat back and watch priceless pieces of antiquity destroyed in the name of Islam.  I believe he is an extreme hypocrite bemoaning a short lived time of slavery in America while ISIS and radical Islam today takes slaves of all ages for perverted sexual purposes.  I believe this person uses his ‘pen and phone’ to attack American liberties in efforts to by pass Congress and any system of checks and balances.  I believe the time has come for proper civil disobedience to regain our American liberties and traditions.

First of all there is no excuse for any law abiding citizen not to have a concealed carry permit.  It does not matter if you are planning to carry a weapon or not, get it while you can before this, in my opinion, corrupt administration blocks that right.   If your State or Commonwealth permits open carry then carry your weapon according to law.  If you have a concealed carry permit then there is no reason why you are not carrying your weapon anywhere, everywhere, all the time.  It is called a CONCEALED WEAPON for a reason.  Remember people like ISIS, radical Islam, and the wacko mass shooters of recent love soft targets where ‘guns are not allowed’.  If the ‘guns are not allowed’ signed did any good then there would not have been any mass shootings.

If you do not want to hire someone or support something do not tell them “I don’t want to bake you a cake because I do not support homosexuality’.  You are just going to open yourself wide for a sanctimonious law suit.  If you do not want to do something there are millions of excuses you can use from not needing any help at the present time, to not having time for another project, to just not feeling up to doing anything at the present time.  People have got to start using their heads.  If you want a law suit then go ahead and tell them it is because of specific reasons but do not go whining when you get sued.  Be careful what you say.  We still have the freedom of speech.  I try to always use terms that are legal such as ‘in my opinion’. We are still able to have an opinion but the way the Supreme Court has been going lately that may or may not be the facts in the future.  If they are going to find excuses to strip away our rights we must be willing to find loop holes to keep our rights.

Too many people are whiners and not doers.  If a school or city does not permit Christianity because of ‘separation of church and state’ but wants to allow Islamic teachings and principles then there should be someone screaming to the highest hills discrimination.  Remember that the legal sword cuts both ways.  If you just want to sit back and whine then shut up about it and sit there.  But if you are not going to lead then at least get out of the way so someone else can take your miserable place.  Too many Christians forget that God gave them a backbone and expects them to use for more than just keeping their skin stretched out.

If you have a ‘wet spot’ on your land that no one knows about, keep it that way.  Otherwise, you can expect the EPA do have some rule or regulation as to why you cannot build on your own property.  If you find a dead ‘spotted owl’ bury it and shut up about it.  The more you make yourself a target by drawing attention to your actions and events the more you are opening yourself up for some rule or regulation to be shoved down your throat.  Any more the operative word is covert.  If they can pass bills under covert means, we can build and live through covert means.

Lastly, if you do not vote you have no right to complain.  By not voting on things you are permitting them to pass or not pass through your inactivity.  If you do not want a gay bill to pass but refuse to vote, you have just voted in favor of that bill.  If there is a person running whom you feel is detrimental to our nation and you do not get out and vote against that person, you have just cast your ballot in favor through your inactivity.  Much of the illegal activities which parties are able to pull are done through secrecy.  You have a voice and must use it.  Anyone can write letters to the editor of your newspaper.  Anyone can get on the internet.  Anyone can call their representatives even if it does not make any difference, you did your part.  I believe that people must live in a manner that if you are ever questioned in the afterlife about things you can answer that at least you did your part.  You are not responsible for the actions of others but you are responsible for your own.


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