Obama’s black agenda

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As a socialist Obama would see any situation where one person has great wealth and another person lives in poverty as a crime against humanity regardless of the work ethic of the two parties.  This is a main reason why his big push on redistributing the wealth.  As a community planner in Chicago there is a big push on changing the environment for people believing that a better environment makes a better person.  Those who have lived in or around Chicago for any length of time knows this philosophy does not work.  Cabrini-Green was an excellent example of failed social policies in Chicago.  After pumping millions into that housing development the was torn down because it had stayed such a crime ridden location that even the Chicago police refused to enter if at all possible.

Obama has not been secret on having a black agenda.  He also has not been secret in his radical push or mentors.  What we are seeing regarding the Confederate flag has nothing to do with race, racism or slavery.  It has everything to do with Obama’s black agenda.  If there truly was a push to deal with racism then situations where the Black Panthers are calling for the murder of all whites would be immediately turned over to the Attorney General for full and total prosecution.  Television programing would be less concerned with the ‘General Lee’ and more concerned with ‘The Jacksons’ which have as a major part of the ‘comic trend’ to be extremely racist against whites and the constant usage of white racial slurs.  The sanctimonious stance of Obama and his administration against ‘slavery and racism’ has nothing to do with either but everything to do with promoting the radical black community.  If Obama and his people truly cared about the complete black community then there would be more of a push for the creation of jobs and less focus on welfare.  It is interesting that while Obama and his people yell and cry about racism and slavery they do everything in their power to keep people, and especially the black community, enslaved to the federal government via constant handouts.  Additionally the handouts truly are not that beneficial but have an appearance of being effective.  If all that was paid out to establish Obamacare was divided up to all tax paying Americans then people would be able to afford health care.  But Obamacare truly has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with power.  Obamacare creates the biggest union base in the world.  It is clear that this union would probably be met through SEIU, one of the largest service provider unions and an extreme supporter of Obama.  Under Obamacare there would be basically one union providing services to the nation and its health care.  If that union goes on strike then that health care system goes down.  This is power on an unheard of level.

People like to point to Obama’s plan for amnesty as an example of his leveling the racial field.  If anything Obama’s plan regarding over 5 million illegal immigrants will not be beneficial to anyone.  There is no vetting of the program financially.  There is no way this program would be sustainable.  There is no way this influx of people would not crash the existing legal, medical, social and emergency services.  There will be promises of everything but a sustaining of nothing.  Millions of people are going to be expecting a program where they are supported and there will be no support.  Millions of people would be worse off than they would have been prior to the program. Under the veil of a ‘social program’ that liberals love to hear and the hope of 5 million new Democrat voters, Obama threatens to destroy the total substructure of America.  Then again, he did say he was going to rebuild America and you can only rebuild something after it is destroyed.

The problem with socialism is that it does not work.  It is impossible to work because of the human element.  There will always be those who want more power and more material gain than the next person.  Those in power will always want more power.  Eventually there becomes a single leading individual or party.  Thus it has done nothing but evolve into total communism, dictatorship or anarchy.

If a person really wants to see the true Obama all they have to do is to stop looking at the smoke and mirrors and what the nice man is doing with the candy in his hand and watch what he is leaving behind.  As you look at what Obama is permitting to remain gives a primary understand as to his agenda and goals for America.  It does not take a political scientist to see that he does not have anything in store for America regarding things that might be beneficial for the nation.  If anything Obama, in my opinion, has proven one thing over his time in office and that has been that he is not to be trusted.


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