Like him or loath him


Donald Trump is a lightning rod.  Like him or loath him what he is saying is true.  The problem is that there are some innocent people who are also included in his statements.  It is true that there are masses of the criminal element that have come into this country through our southern border.  It is true there are mass amounts of drugs that come up from Mexico through the use of Mexican ‘mules’ or people who frequently travel across the border. As someone who has worked directly with many social activities in the Mexican communities I have to admit that what Trump is saying is true.  Now it must be kept in mind that I live along a major interstate corridor that runs from Mexico to Canada.  But on the other side of my state there is no major interstate and the drug running is considerably less.  Many of those who have entered America through other than normal means are hard workers there and are opposed to those who are running drugs because it makes it hard for those who are here just to make a decent living and to be free of the cartel slaughters of Mexico.  But for those who want to portray all those entering America from Mexico as poor innocent little children wanting a better life they are spreading a liberal lie.  What Trump is doing is speaking the truth about many who have come across along with the innocent people who just want a better life.  In reality those who are in favor of those who simply want a better life should support Trump because he is trying to show that the liberal speaking heads are not telling the truth.  If those who are coming here to create trouble and do illegal activities are not separated from those coming out of fear because the Mexican government cannot govern and control the organized crime in that country then both parties are going to be seen as the same without differences.  The problem is that America has always had a hand out to those who simply want to live free and that must be allowed to continue but those who are coming here to do illegal activities must be stopped.

Trump understands the economy.  He understands that if America does not have a substantial working force which is able to provide competition to China, Japan, and Mexico then there will not be a strong economy in America.  As long as other countries are able to undermine the American working force there will not be a strong American economy.  Trump also knows that a strong economy is based in a strong nation.  America is not a strong nation at the present time.  America has slipped in international standing.  This is an obvious fact to everyone except for the present leader of America.  America has slipped in its relationships with our allies.  America has slipped as a dignified nation.  America has gone from being represented by dignified leaders to a gum chewing inner city hood that has no idea of international protocol.

Trump is not politically correct.  He has no intention on being politically correct.  I believe most Americans are tired of the politically correct because we have watched the politically correctness police destroy America and American history.  It is refreshing to have someone who actually speaks the truth and actually speaks their mind.  Trump does not have to worry about the liberal thugs who normally keep politicians at bay because he does not need their money.  If someone wants to try and hurt him financially he can laugh at them because he knows they cannot hurt him.  If a television network does not want to carry him he can simply buy or create one that does.  It is nice seeing someone who is free from the financial hooks and bait that typically controls what politicians normally are free to say.

Whether Trump is to be the next American president or not is immaterial at this time.  What is nice is that there is someone out there actually saying what the liberal heads want to keep silent.  Trump will not be silent.  It is nice seeing someone who is not afraid of the liberal armies and is finally honest with the American people.


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