ISIS threat over the holiday weekend

right to bear arms.

There is a great deal of talk and concern that there seems to be a viable ISIS threat against America over this Fourth of July weekend.  ISIS wants fear.  ISIS wants to paralyze society and to keep people from their normal routines.  ISIS also likes to deal with unarmed people.  Maybe the proper response for Americans to offer ISIS and radical Islam over this holiday weekend is some of the same attitude that the holiday represents.  Maybe what Americans need to do in response to radical Islam and ISIS shooting off their mouth so much about wanting to harm Americans on American soil is to have every legal American citizen arm themselves over this weekend.  If ISIS and radical Islam want to attempt to harm Americans maybe what Americans need to do is to shoot back.  If ISIS and radical Islam want to attack Americans then maybe what Americans need to do is to show no mercy to those who want to see American destroyed.  If ISIS and radical Islam want to attack then maybe what they need to find is a nation that is more than willing and capable of defending their homeland.

ISIS and radical Islam likes to attack unarmed people such as colleges, schools for females, religious institutions, malls, and children.  ISIS and radical Islam has proven they are cowards who love to show off their brutality to prisoners who are hogtied or locked in cages.  But when faced with real opposition they have also proven their extreme willingness to run like scared puppies.  Americans need to show no mercy to radical Islam and ISIS.  Americans need to stop worrying about taking prisoners when it comes to ISIS and racial Islam.  Americans need to treat ISIS and radical Islam like they would a rabid dog.

Americans need to go about their normal business and enjoyments over this weekend.  If anyone starts trouble for people then they need to be met by a people who are fed up with the threats.  Americans have a Second Amendment and know how to use that Constitutional right.  Japan did not attack American homeland because of that Second Amendment Constitutional right.  Now it is time for radical Islam and ISIS to learn about America’s Second Amendment Constitutional right.


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