Watch out for the puppet masters. 

puppet master

In my opinion, anyone who has lived in this country since the Civil War time and before should be infuriated by the actions of our government.   People who know anything about the Civil War knows that brother fought against brother.  They keep making a big deal over slavery when slavery was not the key issue.  The key issue over the Civil War was State’s rights as per the Constitution.  The federal government was seen as over reaching its power by telling the States that they will not have slaves.  It was up to the States to decide what they wanted to do but the federal government was using slavery as the issue of emotional fire to prevent the States from separating from the Union.  The federal government must learn from the Civil War before they repeat the same actions of this era.  The States will not allow the federal government to strip them of their rights to self-government.  These ridiculous actions of attacking the Confederate Battle Flag, removing names of Confederate leaders from street signs or taking down statues is just the same emotional spark plug to keep people’s emotions from interfering with their brains that the North used slavery during the 1800’s.  Much of the evils portrayed of slave owners were not true.  Yes there were some who abused their slaves.  But many saw the slaves as basically employees.  In many cases the slaves were better off than the employees of the sweat shops of the North.  Many of the employees who were immigrants and children received such minor pay they were barely able to buy food.  Many had to live in places which would make the slave’s quarters look comfortable.  Yet the minds of the North needed an emotional fire to get people riled up and used many fabricated stories of abuse and rape which were not happening.

If a person was part of this nation since the early 1800’s you had ancestors who were part of the South.  Many people who started in the New England states migrated south and west.  It was the land of opportunity.  The south had many people already moving into that area and so it was logical to go where people had already moved.  According to the mentality of the present government, all those ancestors who were part of the south were brutal, sadistic slave enthusiasts and totally worthless void of all moral good.  This type of insane thinking is what is taking root in our country.  It is not only foolish but ridiculous to accept this frame of thought.

People must start looking at what is happening and stop being led by emotional puppet masters.  Things are happening in the courts and Congress that must be watched.  Our President has proven himself not to be trustworthy.  Anytime there is an emotional upheaval is the time to be more attentive to governmental actions.


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