Obama legacy

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There are some things that will go down in history as the legacy of Obama and his administration.  Some of these things are:

  • One of the most openly gay civilizations since probably the Roman Empire. Some people may view this as a good thing while other will view it as a bad thing.  I prefer to look at history.  This period in the time of the Roman Empire was a major precursor to the fall of that Empire.
  • The rise of ISIS and radical Islam

Obama had his opportunity to destroy ISIS and curb radical Islam in the homeland as well as abroad but refused to take action.  He still refuses to take action while people are being slaughtered on a regular basis.  His hypocrisy regarding slavery makes him nothing but a laughing stock as he permits through his inaction the taking of slaves for sex by ISIS.  He has shown himself to be more concerned about the image of Islam than he has the image of the United States and of not wanting to offend Islam regardless of the countless people they murder. Obama even denies the existence of radical Islam.

  • Obamacare

This is a bill which was passed by one party.  This is an action our Forefathers warned us about ever allowing to happen.  This bill has costs the taxpayers in excess of $2.4 trillion, has opened the door to over 700 bogus websites which have been able to hack people personal information, (something which as promised would never happen), over $1 billion in the creating of a failed website, and as of 2013 each person enrolled has cost the taxpayer $14,000.00.  Millions have been kicked off of insurance they were pleased with just to find that they are paying in some cases over 100% for insurance with thousands in deductible.

  • Iran nuclear deal

While there is no deal as of the time of this article the Pandora’s Box of the Iranian nuclear program has been opened.  This program now has a level of legitimacy which was not present prior to Obama’s push for a nuclear deal.  Now, regardless of a deal or not, Iran is on the road to a nuclear weapon despite all the claims to the contrary.

  • History has been removed

History is history whether it is pleasing or not.  Yet, to this administration any part of history that is not what is desired is to be removed and ignored.  History has been rewritten so that the truths about things such as slavery will simply be what the liberal mentality desires people to hear and learn.  The South is to be demonized regardless of the freedoms that many black people enjoyed even during the Civil War.  Blacks were in leadership positions of the country and business yet the liberal mind wants people to believe that every black person in the south was a beaten slave.  This is not true.

  • Parties and world travel to extravagant levels

I do not believe anyone would begrudge the President and his family to travel and have fun in the White House.  But this President has done so to levels unknown by any previous President.  During times when the nation had its veteran’s sites closed due to ‘budget restrictions’ the President and his family traveled the globe.  The figures spent by this President and his family are staggering and probably could never be truly calculated because there are so many tentacles from security details, fuel, vehicles, as well as the cost to the locations where the Secret Service bars the locals from entering thus shutting down local business and tourist trade for that time period.

  • America has slipped internationally

The only one who seems to not see that America is no longer an international leader is the leader of America.  America is the point of mocking and joking by other countries regarding our inability to figure out what to do with radical Islam.  America has taken the position of leading from behind and now no longer even leads.  America’s credit rating has also fallen from its previous position.

  • Racism is worse than it has been in decades

Personally I cannot recall a time where so many racial riots were the norm.  Cities are torn apart and locations burned to the ground.  People openly target the police with death threats.  The President himself encourages the actions through statements such as ‘stay the course’ as he speaks to rioters.  Obama and his administration have made racism a major issue to where actions done against blacks are investigated by the Attorney General while crimes against whites are ignored.

  • Scandal

It is common for any administration to have scandal.  But this administration has been rocked by matters of deadly importance as well as Constitutional attack.  The deaths of four, including an Ambassador, were brutally murdered without any significant investigation by this administration.  The IRS was used to attack citizens solely based upon their political beliefs.  Veterans were allowed to die while waiting for care at numerous VA hospitals.   Guns were run by a program approved by the Attorney General and other leaders straight into the hands of Mexican cartels and used against American law enforcement.  These are merely a few of the multitudes of scandals from this administration.  At each time the President would get up in front of the people and express his outrage, and then do nothing.  The amount of times this President has openly lies to the American people cannot be counted.

These are merely a few of the points of legacy which fall at the feet of Barack Obama.  I just hope we have enough of a Republic left to hold another election.


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