Time to rise and shine


Ever wonder what happened to our world?  Ever feel like we must be in some kind of a bad dream from which eventually we might wake up?  I watch things evolve and wish it was as simple as a bad dream.  What has happened to our America?  What has happened to the Constitution as the highest law of the land?  What has happened to plain dignity?  What has happened to commonsense?  I watch our nation in big trouble.  I see a President who, by all observation, is totally and completely delusional.   Our nation is in the toilet so far we are smelling methane.  Our national debt is greater than all the previous Presidents combined and will never be paid off because it grows by millions every day in interest.  All the programs of debt reduction that talks about how billions will be saved over so many years are a joke because they would not even cover the interest from the national debt.  It would be one thing to have a debt that gave America something but I still cannot find where the trillions which this President has spent have actually gone to do any good.  America is constantly being threatened by ISIS and radical Islam while our President seems more concerned about the image of Islam than he is those who are being butchered by the radicals.  He does not even acknowledge that radical Islam exists.  We have no idea what we are doing in dealing with the international threat ISIS and radical Islam poses while they behead, drown, burn, blow up, and simply are more barbaric than any army in history.  We have our national leaders pushing to legitimize the nuclear program of the leader in world terror activity Iran.  At ever remote opportunity the right for legal citizens to keep and bear arms as granted by the Constitution is under attack by our President to where if he cannot get it through Congress he undermines the Constitution through executive orders.  We have an amnesty program via executive order that promises to break the established systems of law enforcement, medical services and public services via a massive influx of people drawing on those services which are not set to carry such weight.  We have a President who wants a federal police force where all law enforcement is under federal supervision.  Crime, corruption and scandal are the normal orders of the day in politics and they do not even try to hide it any more.  Politicians are more concerned over the Confederate flag than they are what national leaders are doing in secret.  While the Confederate battle flag is seen as offensive to where it is being hidden in museums, people are allowed to walk on the US flag at will and if a person speaks out against the gay lifestyle flag flying they are seen as homophobic.  Black jelly beans and peanut butter is seen as racists and farfetched nicknames for dinosaurs are opposed as being demeaning.

Now comes time for a new election.  Obama has shoved America into the toilet and people are praising Hillary as being the new hope for the next President.  While Hillary is nothing more than another Obama and people refuse to face reality.  She has numerous scandals already yet she is still being viewed as the Democrat front runner.  She has proven herself as unable to be believed by the multiple times she has already been found to lie to the American people.  She has proven she is unable to handle major crisis as she allowed people to die in Benghazi what appears to be in an effort to keep CIA arms running covered up.  She has proven she has lied regarding emails.  If she is unable to govern her emails how is she going to govern a nation?

Terrorist are able to come and go at will via our southern border.  America sends billions in aid to countries who have vowed to destroy our way of life.  Israel, our greatest ally, is openly insulted.  Our military is hamstrung so that we do not offend the Muslims while radical Islam butchers innocent men, women and children.  In the face of insane people under the flag of a wacko religion marching across the lands of people who are just wanting to live, our Pentagon is given orders that their primary concern is now to be global warming while global warming is being disproven on a regular basis.  America has numerous terrorist training camps on American soil while the Attorney General is more concerned about possible racism.

Is America being led by the ignorant or that apathetic?  Has the America voter just proven Jonathan Gruber to be correct?  What is happening?  Personally, I wonder at what time the military is going to just ignore Presidential orders and start doing what is necessary for America.  I wonder at what time good people are just going to start ignoring Presidential executive orders and just live their lives as the Constitution permits.  I wonder at what time law enforcement are going to say that they refuse to enforce any and all orders which contradict the Constitution and American way of life.  I wonder at what time the American citizen takes matters into their own hands regarding the cartels and drug runners who are presently claim large sections of Arizona as off limits to Americans.  I wonder at what time the American people will take charge of America’s security.  I wonder at what time Americans will wake up and vote out of any and all offices elected leaders who prefer to support Sharia law over the Constitution.  I wonder at what time Americans will get their stomach full of all the crap that is being shoved down our throats and start removing people from office.  When will the silent majority stop being silent!  When will the American people start removing liberals from office so that police are able to do their jobs without fear of being charged with crimes because they may have to use force to arrest someone?  It is beyond time for people to wake up!  Any more it is up to the people to make the changes.  Either wake up and get active or be willing to accept the consequences.


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