The future rests with the people

flag Imo Jima

This administration is dead set upon getting guns restricted and removed from the general populous.  I believe you can expect new anti-gun executive orders to come done the line pretty soon.  Obama knows he only has less than two year left.  It is time that the legal gun owners made up their minds as to which side of the law they are going to rest if Obama makes his orders.  An unarmed America is a dead America.  Right now America has the best armed and best trained military force in the world in the numbers of the armed hunters.  You throw into that mix the uniformed military and America is still a forced with which to be reckoned.  Obama believes he can control the military but I personally believe that if push comes to shove and America is under attack that the military would probably tell Obama where he could stick his executive orders and come to the unbridled aid of the country.  This is why it is critical for the armed citizen to remain armed.

If ISIS tried to attack the United States right now they know that they would face a blood bath and the reality of what the Japanese feared during World War II.  Obama and his crew are working hard to remove the weapons from the citizenry.  This is why it is critical for law abiding citizens to cross the line if Obama makes keeping your firearms illegal.  It is essential for good people to keep their guns.  Radical Islam wants Americans disarmed.  Obama, in my opinion, has betrayed America to radical Islam.  But since Obama denies that radical Islam exist he is able to deny betraying America to it.  The radical factions exist in many forms.  The primary hope for America’s defense is not found in anything other than the armed citizen.

Good people need to be carrying their weapon with them at all times.  Between radical Islam and nut-jobs like Roof who shot up a prayer meeting, good people must be prepared at all times to defend themselves and their loved ones.  Americans must be willing to take action at any time in the present state of affairs.  Obama and his crew believe that a simple stroke of the pen and people would be willing to lay down their personal arms.  This is where doing what is right might conflict with doing what is legal.  Obama cannot take away our Constitutional right.  He might think he can make it illegal but it is still our right.  No law can supersede the Constitution.  No person can make a ruling which supersedes the Constitution.  If an executive order is signed which conflicts with the Constitution then it is the duty of every America to not comply with that executive order.  Besides, if any President wants to attempt to make a ruling or law that conflicts with the Constitution then that President or political figure has just acted in a treasonous manner against the United States.  No one is greater than the U.S. Constitution.

The fate of America does not rest with its leadership but with the people.  The future of America is in the hands of the people.  The leadership only has as much power as the people are willing to grant them.  It is up to the people to demand that the Constitution be followed and it is up to the people to refuse to obey any law which contradicts that Constitution.


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