Learn from history

hitler and obama

There comes a point in time in which a person must seriously look at Barack Obama and wonder what side of America he is on.  This man has shown actions which seriously draw into question any form of ethics.  He has an agenda and nothing is going to get in the way of that agenda.  He has proven that he is willing to use anything to push that agenda.  He made promises to the more conservative Democrats in order to get them to vote for his Affordable Health Care Act merely to break those promises immediately after the bill was passed.  He has a clear agenda to promote and support Islam at all cost even to where an Islamic terrorist attack at Fort Hood is called workplace violence.  A woman is beheaded at the food plant where she worked by an Islamic convert simply because she refuses to convert to Islam and again it is called workplace violence.  While this act was solely because she was a Christian and did not want to become a Muslim it was never called a hate crime.  Obama has an agenda of promoting black issues even if it goes against law restrictions as he encourages the rioters of Ferguson to ‘hold the course’.  Obama also uses any and all major and emotionally charged shooting events to push his anti-gun agenda.  As America is under threat from terrorists both within our shores as well as abroad, Obama still drives his anti-gun push to disarm law abiding citizens.  Personally, I cannot remember neither during my life time nor in my study of American history, any President that was more divisive to America or that sought to erode America’s safety.  This President appears to want American totally dependent upon the government for all acts of safety and security.  Any preliminary review of history should see major danger signs over this type of thinking and actions by a political leader.  I have compared Obama to Adolf Hitler many times.  There are those who immediately dismiss this comparison but historically it must be reviewed.  Germany was a government elected by the people.  Hitler did not take over the government by force from a nobody to being the dictator he became.  But he used the system to his advantage.  He removed the element of private gun ownership where a citizen could own firearms.  This was not the practice prior to Hitler getting into power.  It was again something that was eroded away with time a little bit at a time.  It was done in a manner in which the people welcomed it as a sign that people would now be safer without private firearms.  In so many ways Obama is taking plays directly out of the Adolf Hitler play book.

Americans must wake up to Barack Obama.  He has been open to his plans and agenda but the media has failed their oath and the people by not doing their jobs and bringing things to the surface.  Obama has made it clear in his books that his plan is total socialism and communistic government.  He is a racial radical and made it open in his writing.  He was openly admitted as a foreign student yet nothing was made of this which would have disqualified him from the office of the President.  This is important because if the Constitution is able to be by-passed in this matter then the Constitution becomes null and void.  Obama has made actions to open the doors for the millions of illegals in this country which would basically open the borders.  This action has never been reviewed regarding cost or effect upon America.  The only actions regarding critical thinking is to demonize those who are opposed to the plan as being racists.  America is in a very dangerous position.  With the flood of millions of illegal immigrants into America poses a major threat of a collapse of multiple systems from law enforcement to social programs to medical availability.  Once the local systems fail then the door is wide open for federal programs to take over.  History is posed to repeat itself.

People need to rapidly wake up to the truth that they have been sold a bill of goods and that those presently in power do not have America’s best in mind.  They have an agenda and that agenda is not in America’s favor.  The present Democrat party has been taken over by major players in socialism and Marxism and has a goal to make America into a socialist country.  The problem with socialism is that it does not work.  People must start thinking for themselves.  The present political arena is not the politics of our grandfathers.  While I am not excited about any party and believe that a good and ethical politician is basically a death wish because the corrupt system cannot survive with an ethical leader, it is clear that the present day Democrat Party does not have American interest at its core.  People must wake up before it is too late.  If we do not learn from history then we are doomed to repeat it.


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