Obama’s false flags


I have tried not to be one of those people who are always out screaming conspiracy.  But any more I believe that a person would have to be living with their heads in the sand not to see conspiracy in our political administration.  In a nutshell a ‘false flag’ is when one thing is presented as being something completely different then what it really is in order to gain support for the consequential actions resulting from the presented or incorrect reality of the event.  Obama appears to love the ‘false flag’ concept.  When there is an event which includes a racial component and an element where major emotion is involved, and it involves firearms, he is all over that as a reason to push more gun control.  This is not all shootings because when the New York police officers were murdered Obama was silent.  While the black on black murder rates of major cities are skyrocketing Obama remains silent.  But when a white person goes into a major historical black church and shoots people up during a prayer service Obama licks his lips at the opportunity.  It is my belief that he does not give a rat’s left butt cheek about the people but simply salivates over the opportunity to use the crisis.

Who actually believes that this would have happened if the activity was being done at a ‘black gun club’?  The people at the church are classically unarmed which makes it a soft target.  Maybe if the church would have posted a sign outside saying that guns were not allowed inside that the nut-job Roof would have told himself that he could not carry inside because of the sign.  Wackos who want to kill people will always find a way to kill people regardless of the law because they do not care about the law.  Politicians need to take a lesson from the druggies and their dealers.  Cocaine is illegal.  People know it is illegal.  Has there ever been a dealer who said he could not deal cocaine because it was illegal?  Likewise there will never be a time that a criminal will ever not be a criminal because of a law.  The definition of a criminal is one who violates the law.  Every single gun control rule and regulation only affects the law abiding citizen.  There is not one gun control rule or regulation that will stop a criminal from doing a criminal action.

Obama and his cronies will jump upon this tragedy with both feet and a pen in each hand.  But all their actions will do nothing to stop one crime and will only go to create more soft targets for bad people to exploit.  If Obama and his crew really wanted to do something about violence and protect people of all races he would lift gun restrictions and allow good people to carry more times and more often.  The greatest crime against slavery was that the people had to means to defend themselves.  Obama is seriously walking in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler regarding gun control.  I know a lot of people are going to stop reading at this point.  But my advice would be check out history.  Hitler registered all guns saying how it would make society safer.  It worked out really well for the people of Germany.  The only way for a society to be safe against evil people with weapons is to be allowed to arm themselves accordingly.  To strip weapons from the hands of the good people is to hand them over to the bad.


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