Just a fed up American

flag and eagle

As a proud American and one who has roots in the American dream going back to its formation and having numerous ancestors who fought in the American Revolution, I have a huge stake in the future and security of my nation.  Under the shadow of the Forefathers I look at our present administration and am disgusted and fed up with our elected leaders.  Our Forefathers viewed government service as a service freely given to the nation.  It was never seen as career where a person could be in office for over a decade and be paid hundreds of thousands each year.  I listen to some of the comments coming out of the mouths of some of the elected leaders and I hear things like:  If Obama does not get his amnesty plan I am going to set myself on fire; or Guam is going to tip over because of the weight of the Navy. I have heard more intelligence out of 3rd graders than I have out of some of our elected leaders.  I see a President who appears to be openly racists and bigoted.  When commissioned police officers get murdered in the streets he remains silent, when Christians are being slaughtered in droves by the ISIS butchers he remains silent, when radical Islam attacks Americans on American soil he remains silent; yet if a black person gets murdered such as Travon Martin or Michael Brown Obama goes on television to express his outrage.  Americans get beheaded and Obama finds his safe place on a golf course while the murderers brag about their actions.  I see ISIS marching through countries while our President puts the brakes upon our military because of the possibility of collateral damage even though many of the ‘innocent’ civilians are part of ISIS.  I am fed up with what has happened to my country.

History speaks about a nation that wanted to get away from a king.  America has a king and queen who seem to see the taxpayer as nothing more than a piggy bank.  The first family travels at will all on the taxpayer’s back.  They have spent more money on world travel than any other Presidential family.  Personally I do not care if the Obama’s are having marital trouble and want to be separated.  They need to do that like everyone else in this country and do it on their own dime.  Obama is saying that he paid for the expense of his latest elite party held at the White House.  Did he also pay for the massive amounts of security occurred because of this party?  Did he also pay for the huge staff required for anything in the White House?  Did he pay for the expense of the White House?  Obama lives in the People’s House and has turned it into a party house.  He spends millions in travel to raise funds for the Democrat party.  This should be seen as embezzlement of taxpayer funds.  Taxpayers did not pay their taxes to raise funds for the Democrats.

America has lost its position as a world leader.  The only one who seems to not realize that America has lost its position as a world leader is the leader of America.  Obama has slapped the faces of our allies.  He was unable to attend the funeral of the great Margaret Thatcher but was able to spend considerable time in Africa after the death of Mandela.  Leaders of other nations have taken the reigns in the fight against ISIS because America has no idea as to what they are doing in the fight.  He has insulted Israel which has been a major support of America for many years.  He has gone out of any reasonable measures to get a nuclear agreement with Iran which would solidify and approve their nuclear program and plan them directly on the path towards a nuclear bomb places squarely in the hands of the leader of world terrorism.

As with many families in this country, there are many of my family members who have lost blood or lives to save and build this great nation.  I set back now and see my nation being sold to the highest bidder and having every effort to have its precepts and heritage erased from history.  History is being actively rewritten to be politically correct rather than being accurate.  Our children are being spoon fed lies in order to indoctrinate them towards a preset way of thinking.  Much of the media has become nothing more than a propaganda source for liberal politicians.

In the wings for the next election I see Hillary Clinton who has increasing baggage and scandal trailing her.  She has been caught in so many lies it is amazing that anyone who want to think of her as the next President.  If she is incapable of handling her own emails in an ethical manner how is she capable of running a nation?   The three things which seem synonymous to the Clintons are money, power, and scandal.   It would appear that the American people have had enough of this type of politics.  The ‘Chicago style’ of corrupt politics which Obama has openly brought to this nation should be making people sick by now.

I ask my fellow American:  When is enough going to be enough?  When are you going to honor the courage of our ancestors and put your foot down?  When are you going to stand up against corruption and demand change?  When are you going to grow up and develop a back bone?  When are you going to want your country back?


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