We the people have some demands

angra eagle 2

The election field is getting crowded and everyone has an eye towards the Oval Office.  Some of these people are good prospects, some are an absolute joke.  Every possible party imaginable is going to have a runner for the office of President.  It is time that those who are running for offices stopped long enough to listen to the people.  We are fed up and sick of politicians who are just classic politicians.  We have some demands and we will be heard.

  • We demand a President who does not see the people as a huge piggy bank
  • Our President seems to think that the tax payer is there to fund his projects. We are supposed to pay
  • We demand a President who knows the difference between an ally and an enemy
  • We demand a President who puts America as his top priority and not America et el
  • We demand a President who takes seriously the part of protecting American homeland
  • We demand a President who is accountable to the people
  • We demand to stop being lied to by our elected officials
  • We demand a government we can again be proud of and not ashamed
  • We demand a media system that is not a propaganda force but which actually delivers truth

We the people are NOT stupid.  We see a government that is so far out of control that our Forefathers would have been in the streets at this point.  We the people are fed up with being played as a bunch of fools.  Do not even begin to tell us how much a politician understands the struggles of everyday people when those same politicians make more money in one week than most people do not make in a year.  We the people are tired of paying for vacations and elaborate expenses that most people could not even imagine.  We the people are tired of watching our elected officials forget that they work for the people.  They are not elite.  They are not royalty.  They are not untouchables.  They are not above the law.  They are SERVANTS!  We the people are tired of being lied to by elected officials who act like they can do as they wish regardless of who dies and how much it cost the people.  We are tired of a President who is so bigoted regarding his own religious slant that he refuses to see the enemy of radical Islam and the threat they pose to national security.  The people are so tired of listening to the daily rants and threats of radical Islam that should they ever make the mistake of attack America’s homeland that they will not be shown any mercy and will be eliminated on sight.  There will be no consideration under the guise of freedom of religion once they pick up arms against Americans on American soil.  It is beyond irritating when the American people have to listen to some of the utterings from elected leaders that are so ridiculous that they demonstrate more the intelligence of a 2nd grader than that of a member of Congress or White House public relations office.

America has lost its place in the world.  For Obama to say that America has a greater presence in the world than it held prior to his election is nothing less than delusional.  This man has demonstrated so many examples of being absent from reality that it is scary to actually think that he represents the free world and one of the most powerful militaries.  There should never be a time where there are constant battles to keep protecting the US Constitution because there should never be a time where the Constitution is under attack by American elected officials.  Yet our American way of life as outlined by the freedoms of the Constitution have been under attack more recently than ever before.  This adds to one more of the demands of the American people.  WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND THAT OUR ELECTED LEADERS OBEY, SUPPORT AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION OR GET OFF OF THE PUBLIC SECURED PAYROLL!

We the people are long on patience but there is an end to our patience.  It is time that our leadership understands that they need to heed the people.


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