The hijacking of America

crying eagle

The Democrat Party has been hijacked by utopia minded Marxist and Communists who seem to believe that the world would be more peaceful and full of unicorns if everyone would simply sit down over herbal tea and cookies.  Their ability to rewrite history to suit their purposes are unrivaled by the masses while their delusional mindset is led by the icons who has given the world:  “We must pass it to know what is in it”; “Guam is going to tip over because of the Navy”; “I’m going to set myself on fire if Obama does not get his amnesty bill passed”; and “there is no such thing as radical Islam”.  Likewise, the Republican Party has been usurped by other great minds that see politics as more beneficial than a backbone as indicated by the supporting approval of another left wing radical to the office of Attorney General.

I try to be an optimist as much as possible.  But I even more desire to be a realist.  I try very hard not to ever take the position of Chicken Little with the cries of how the sky is falling and we all need to run lest we be crushed.  But I also admit that presently I have been having a great deal of difficulty being very optimistic regarding the world status while Russia is licking its chops like a ravenous bear drooling over the Ukraine. While Russia is looking to devour the old USSR, radical Islam is beheading anything standing in its path in the Middle East and making such asinine laws such as how pigeon farming is now illegal because looking at bird genitals is deemed offensive.  I guess they have not thought of putting a little pair of pants on the birds as of yet.  I’m wondering what sicko has been picking up the birds to stare at them in the first place!  With all this going on as a backdrop we have the Obama administration bent upon normalizing the nuclear program of the world leader in international terrorisms all the time there is being a highly suspicious sound reminiscent to the old Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In and the character with his long drawn out ‘trust me’ ending with an evil grin.  Ever wonder if maybe somewhere along the line you were picked up by aliens and transferred to some foreign planet void of all commonsense or just lost in a very long and disturbing dream that you desperately are hoping from which you will awaken?

Somewhere along the way the America of my ancestors has been taken hostage.  I do not know when or why but I know it is not the America in which I was raised and in which my ancestors fought to form.  Here is where I can return to being a realist.  I know that I cannot save the world and cannot even save my nation.  But I can take care of myself and my family.  People have become overly complacent. They have their nice little homes and neighborhoods with their PTA meetings and homeowner’s associations.  Lawns are all kept neat and trimmed with all the dogs on a leash.  They also have no idea of the storm that is coming.  I would rather prepare for the unforeseen and be considered a fool by the public than to ignore the warning signs and my family suffers and is taken by surprise.  This does not mean that I have a storage unit full of MREs and ammunition.  But it does mean that I try to think outside the box.  Every home should have an emergency kit including some blankets, extra water and food, means of communication, means of heat, and first aid.  These things are just good common sense items to have around.  People need to have a few days of extra food supplies.  This does not mean that you have 7 years of storage, but it does mean that if you are stuck for a few days that you are prepared not to be chewing your neighbor’s arm off out of hunger.  If things ever do go sour there will be those who have never began to think in terms of survival that are going to panic and try to take away from those who have prepared.  In these cases you better have some means of defense if you want your family to survive. These means of defense can also be invaluable in securing food if things go longer than expected.  America has plenty if a person is looking and not picky.  While I have never eaten it I understand that there can be some pretty tasty ways to cook squirrel.

I cannot blame the entire world’s present situation upon our administration but I do consider it a major player who stuck a huge fuse inside the powder keg of the global situation.  America was a major stabilization factor upon the world stage. America has been removed from that position.  America has been the alarm which would be sounded in the face of such global threats such as radical Islam and ISIS but our present administration openly refuses to even admit that radical Islam exists.  Now America is being attacked from within by this same radical Islam with attacks being seen upon local law enforcement.  The rest of the nation must understand that after these nut jobs finish trying to kill armed police officers that they will not have one moment of hesitation in killing an unarmed citizen who stands in their way. Our administration is doing everything by hook or crook to disarm the American citizen when we are at a point in which what is needed is just the opposite.  Instead of disarming Americans the citizenry needs to prepare themselves to take action when the time demands.

Our political parties have been taken over and ran by deranged monkeys who cannot even agree on the definition of a banana.  If America is to survive it must be through the people.  The people have been asleep at the wheel too long and it is time to wake up.  It is not too late for our great nation IF the people of our great nation are willing to fight to keep our great nation. If anything happens to our America, while the government would be held in total incompetence and in being totally complacent with the enemy, the real shame of the fall would land upon the people for not wanting it bad enough to keep it.


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