The problem with politics

Noah's ark

Today’s politics are not real politics.  The concept of politics goes back to ancient Rome.  There is a concept of the voice of the people as included in the word ‘politic’ itself.  Today’s politics is more of a high brow game of money, power, deceit and overall showmanship.  Very little today really has anything to do with the representation of the people or the actual voice of the people.  This is across the board and is not limited to any one party.  I believe the parties of today have nothing but a set of window dressings to make people think they are actually doing something.   If I would give myself a label I probably would be a conservative independent.  Two of the greatest men I know, one of whom I never had the opportunity to meet and the other was my hero, were my grandfather and my father.  They both worked in the coal mines in southern Indiana.  My father later became a Salvation Army Officer working with the poor.  I can easily see them having voted Democrat at some time in their lives.  As things changed I could easily have seen my father voting Republican because of the right to keep and bear arms which he was a strong believer in and knew first hand their ability to keep good people safe.  But today I believe both parties have become exactly what the Constitution wanted to warn against.

In today’s politics the idea that a career politician is able to understand and relate to the common person is laughable at best.  These people have given up the ‘commonness’ and have become an elite group unto and answerable completely unto themselves.  We have kings and queens and little demigods who like to strut around like some peacock in full plumage trying to convince the populous of their humility.  Then if there ever is a politician who actually has and remembers their common humble roots it makes it twice as hard for them because of the frustration experienced by not having people believe you when you are honestly speaking the truth.  So many of the politicians who spend more money on an election than the average American makes in a lifetime wonder why people do not want to believe them then they get up and act like the person next door when the truth is that the individual spent more money on their last haircut than the average American’s weekly salary.  If we question this reality all America needs to do is to look at the present occupant of the White House as see an individual whose spending can actually make King George look frugal.

America is floundering.  America is a float somewhere without a paddle or a rudder.  America has been removed from the plush yacht it might have once been on and has been dispatched to occupying the dingy while the fat politicians usurp control over the ship.  Donkeys and elephants protrude out of every window and porthole of the great yacht much like a luxurious Noah’s ark while America bops aimlessly along untethered and unnoticed.  If America makes it to the next election and actually has enough form and focus to have an election it will take nothing less than a major act of God.  If America makes it to the next election without civil war and blood in the streets will also take a major act of God.  I remember listening to chat discussions regarding Islam while Obama was still an unknown on the political scene, not even considered for a Presidential run and just an Illinois senator.  Even then he was seen as an individual who had an Islamic agenda for America.  Since this was a time prior to the need to hide all his beliefs things were more out in the open and his Muslim faith was common knowledge.  Now the man who claimed would have the most open and transparent of all administrations appears to have his past sewn up tighter than the head of a drum.

If America is to survive it is up to the people.  The people must decide which laws and rules they are going to obey and which ones they are going to choose to politely choose to disobey.  There is a place for proper civil disobedience.  Members of the armed forces and law enforcement communities will have to choose which orders they will obey and which once violate their oaths to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  America must return to being owned and operated by the people.  The people truly do not need the government.  The government needs the people.  The people must resume the primary role of protectorate of the homeland.  ISIS wants to threaten anyone who disagrees with them.  It is almost impossible to listen to the news without some new threat from radical Islam wanting to kill someone because they insulted their faith.  It is up to the people to defend the homeland.  If ISIS and radical Islam ever want to attack the homeland it must be up to the people to make it extremely clear that it was the greatest mistake they could have ever made.  If there is ever an attack on the homeland then there is no mercy for ISIS or radical Islam.  There would only be one rule of engagement and it would be to see the enemy and to kill the enemy.  There would be no mercy, there would be no quarter given, and there would be no prisoners taken.

People need to stop being the proverbial frog in the pan of increasingly heated water.  People need to stop being complacent believing the tasty ‘kool-aid’ of the liberal media and spokespersons telling the nation that all if fine and the government is here to help you.  The people need to wake up.  The government is supposed to be OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people.  But the people have turned it into something that is TO the people, AT the people and AGAINST the people by refusing to look with a critical mind towards the actions of the government and the politicians.  In many ways the only ones the people of this great nation have to blame for our own naivety is ourselves.


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