War on police

Peoria police volunteer

There is an obvious targeting going on against our uniformed police forces across the nation.  Right now there are many idiotic smug anarchists who are snickering.  But who do these morons believe are going to be coming to their aid after the racist thugs finish shooting the police?  It is beyond comprehension that there might be people out there so stupid as to honestly believe that after the murdering racist baiters are willing to kill armed uniformed officials that they are not going to come after anyone and everyone who disagrees with them as well.  People need to wake up!  If there is to be a war on police officers then it better needs to be seen as a war on humanity in general.  These animals are not going to stop with killing police officers.  If they are willing to murder armed trained individuals they will see unarmed common citizens as sitting ducks.  It is time for the common person to start carrying a concealed weapon and start having the backs of the law enforcement.  There must be a line drawn in the sand for these idiots to know that if you take on the police you take on all law abiding citizens!

It is hard to understand a mentality out there that is able to twist this animalistic behavior into something that they try to defend.  These savages who freely murder police officers have a mentality where life is meaningless.  Don’t bother with the ‘black lives matter’ BS because these racist anarchists are killing police of all colors.  The only color that matters to them is ‘blue’.  As long as they are wearing blue then they are open game.  Well, for the record:  Blue lives matter!  The race baiters are doing everything they possibly can to justify this warped behavior being carried out my murderous thugs who have no respect for any life.  People need to get it through their thick heads that these animals WILL NOT STOP WITH SIMPLY KILLILNG POLICE.  THEY WILL BE COMING AFTER YOU NEXT!  This is why there must be an alliance between the common law abiding citizens and the law enforcement communities.  Take on one of us and you take on ALL of us.


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