Every blade of grass

every blade of grass

I try to be a realist.  I detest alarmist who run around screaming the sky is falling because I believe more people have died from panic than from actual bad situations.  I also find the liberal who wants to live with their heads buried in the sand and deny things that are biting them in the butt extremely repulsive.  I look at the global and national state and believe that the people need a heavy dose of reality.

It is difficult to truly tell what our Congress is doing in that some are too busying trying to secure themselves a pay raise not being able to live on a salary of over $100,000.00 per year.  Harry Reid is still protesting against the name ‘Redskins’.  Elijah Cummings is upset because Baltimore has not been represented by Congress when he is the representative of Baltimore.  Democrats are worried that the Republicans might do something that makes them look good in the public eye and Republicans seem to be aligning themselves with the most liberal President that has ever invaded the Oval Office.  Russia has all but formally declared war upon the Ukraine.  Radical Islam is making the Middle East into a bloodbath.  Radical Islam is inside the United States threatening to attack at any time key cities.  Obama is trying to open the floodgates for every illegal that has ever set foot in or want to set foot in America with a welcome mat greeting them at the border.  The Democrat front runner for the 2016 Presidential race has ran more guns through Benghazi than Holder did through Mexico and has been caught in so many lies that she appears personally incapable to tell the direct and straight truth.  America probably has more members of the Muslim Brotherhood in our leadership positions than any Muslim country or combination of Muslim countries in the world.  Our President consistently portrays our law enforcement as a bunch of racist bigots who dish out ‘old west’ justice with a KKK style lynch mob mentality while many within his administration keep seeking to bring law enforcement under the control of the federal government totally forgetting how wonderfully well that went for the citizens of Germany under the Schutzstaffel or, as commonly known, the SS.  All this happening as Obama sends one of our most elite fighting forces into Africa to combat a contagious outbreak of Ebola, a disease which in all honesty no one really knows how it is spread.  All this happening while our President openly denies that radical Islam exists, seeks UN support in his anti-gun agenda, and openly makes remarks as to how the world will never belong to those to insult Islam.

There has to be a few sane people still moving around in all this mix.  Our government is clearly blind to reality and deaf to the voices of the people.  All that is really left for the safety and future of the nation is the people.  We cannot control the world.  As Obama has pushed his nuclear agreement with Iran, the world leader in international terrorism, he has started in motion the wheels of a nuclear arms race amongst some of the most unstable nations in the world.  Some of the world leaders who have nuclear weapons do not have the commonsense the Good Lord gave to a mentally challenged duck.  All we really can hope for is to keep our homeland safe and pray that everything survives.

America must return to the mentality of World War II.  Japan did not attack our homeland because they knew that ‘behind every blade of grass would be a citizen with a rifle’.  We must return to that state.  These people who are screaming gun control in today’s present status should be tried for treason.  They are acting against the safety and welfare of the nation during an extreme time of threat.  The only thing that gun control will accomplish would be to make it easy for outside forces to walk across our nation from ocean to ocean without resistance.  It is beyond time for the common citizen to arm themselves.  It is beyond time for the common citizen to carry if able to do so.  It is beyond time for the common citizen to start thinking in a military manner and not in some naïve state waiting for unicorns to come to the rescue.  An unarmed citizen is a target.  Every home should have at least a handgun for defense, long gun for both defense and hunting and a quite mode of hunting should it need to be done without giving away one’s position.  These are not the rambling of a manic but the result of deep and critical thinking.  Our world has been taken over by people who have abandoned the critical mind.  The only hope for America is the critical mind.  People must begin to think for themselves again.  There will come a time where our law enforcement and military will have to decide between following orders verses defending the Constitution and obeying their oath.  Our government has failed the people.  The people can no longer depend upon the government to keep America safe.  That responsibility now falls back upon the people.


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