Watchman on the wall

horn of warning

In ancient times it was common for there to be a watchman on the city wall.  He would sound his horn to warn of approaching danger and attacks so that the people could defend themselves.  It is beyond time that the warning horn to be sounded loud and long in America.  We are in danger both from within and without and the people are being told that all is well and fine.  All is not well and all is not fine.  America is in deep trouble.  America is in danger.

America has its danger coming from outside of our nation as well as from within.  The head of Homeland Security sees his goal to be the voice for Islam.  Our government has numerous members of the Islamic Brotherhood, a group that is deemed as a terrorist organization by many Islamic nations, holding significant rolls in high positions.  Our President has made it clear that he does not believe in radical Islam and therefore does not see radical Islam as a threat.  Our President has made it clear that he is not interested in the long standing alliance with Israel and is determined to formalize the nuclear program of the leading terrorist nation of Iran.  Nuclear talks towards of legitimization of the Iranian nuclear program continue in spite of threats from Iran such as how ‘Iran would welcome a war with the United States’ and how Iran continues to fire upon peaceful ships.  ISIS has made itself known in Texas by trying to pull their classic attack and kill maneuvers merely to be met with American resolve that they will not succeed as they have done in other countries.  We have ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist organizations claiming how they have the sleeper cells in numerous states and are planning to attack America from within.  All the time while this is happening, the President and other liberal leaders are pushing to limit gun ownership and the purchase of ammunition for the common citizen.

Obama is seeking to open the floodgates to foreigners without background checks and limiting, if not fully preventing, deportation of criminals.  His amnesty plan cannot be sustained in the American economy and threatens to shut down all social infrastructures through massive overload.  During this time traitors in Congress are supporting and pushing the President’s plans through like men driving cattle towards the cliff’s edge.  Many of our Congress men and women, elected by the people to serve their nation, have become so wrapped in the carb of greed, power and liberalism that they have forsaken the very people who pay their salaries and have joined in the banner pushing for the destruction of the very Constitution and way of life which they have sworn to uphold.

Racism has become a weapon openly and freely used not as a cry of inequality but as an excuse for burning down cities, destroying buildings and life’s dreams of others, and murdering innocent bystanders whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Members of radical and domestic terrorist groups such as the Black Panthers openly call for the murder of police and any and all white people while our Attorney General is too busy investigating things that have the appearance of being just but with her foot squarely on the throat of Lady Liberty.

America has had so many issues of criminal behavior over the past few years that it baffles the mind.  As a person looks at what has been happening in Congress, Secretary of State offices, the White House, Office of the Attorney General, Internal Revenue Services and other key government agencies and it appears more like a scene from an Al Capone movie rather than the sacred offices of our elected leaders.  It is time for the horn to sound loud and clear.  It is time for good people in government, military, law enforcement and other agencies to take a stand for the Constitution and for the liberties of the people and against what the trend and orders from superiors seem to be.  It is time for the liberties of our land to become a significant driving force and not political correctness.  It is time for good people to arm themselves in order to defend their land against any and all forces who seek the downfall of the American way of life.  It is time for a line to be drawn regarding obedience to government or obedience to the Law of the Land.  It is time to aid the old typing exercise of:  Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.  It has been made clear that America cannot depend upon our government to protect the homeland from terrorist invaders.  It is up to the people to do what the government has refused to do.  It is clear that our President is a weak and impotent leader more interested in the causes of Islam than he is the protection of America.  It is time that the people protected the people.  The Southern border is a security joke.  Our military has been compromised by people who seem more interested in advancement than the oath taken to uphold and defend the Constitution.  Our President has proven himself antagonistic towards any real military.  Others in political leadership have followed suit in their weak kneed approached to American’s defense.  Nations which once respected America now basically laugh at our incompetence as our foreign policy has the direction of the Keystone Cops.

America is in trouble.   Our elected leadership is turning on the very people who elected them to serve.  We are stuck.  All we can hope to do is to defend that which we have and to refuse to allow anyone to take it away.  It is time for Americans to pull their heads out of the sands and to see the reality of our threat.  This is not a very bad dream.  This is our reality.  America is in trouble and it is up to the people to take care of ourselves.  It is up to the person to defend, prepare, and protect all that is held dear.  Our government has betrayed the values and principals of the American way of life.  It is time for the watchers to sound the horn of warning.  The enemy is within the gates.


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